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Señor Mex says: If you are looking for a great dinner idea, Puerto Nuevo is just a quick drive from San Diego and boasts lots of delicious lobster dishes. (Just don’t forget Mexico Auto insurance from Mexican Insurance before you go!) As this article mentions, the drive is only about 50 minutes from San Diego and just 10 minutes beyond Rosarito. You can enjoy beautiful beaches and delicious langosta, lobster, without difficulty. If you want to stay to enjoy the gorgeous beach community, book a hotel for the weekend and get your fill of the affordable seafood offerings. Typically fried for softness and rich flavor, local lobster dishes are served with traditional Mexican sides of rice, beans and flour tortillas. Puerto Nuevo lobster is definitely a luxury you’ll want to indulge in again and again.

When you decide to make your short trek to Puerto Nuevo, be sure to get your from Mexico Auto insurance Mexican Insurance You can avoid busy border stands and be on your way across the border in no time. You’ll also be able to log into your Mexico Auto insurance account from an Internet shop if you decide to extend your stay. Baja government mandates that all motorists have appropriate coverage with sufficient indemnity limits, so take time to attend to this detail in advance.

Mexico Auto insurance from Mexican Insurance is located online.

Mexico Auto insurance

Memorial Day “Lobsta” Feast – in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico!

Puerto Nuevo Lobster in Baja article:

“Puerto Nuevo is a tiny fishing village south of Rosarito Beach and north of Ensenada where the residents have cleverly capitalized on a local lobster dinner tradition, with everyone and his relatives opening lobster restaurants on corners and rooftops. Today, you can get a lobster dinner and a beer in Puerto Nuevo for $12-15. Restaurateurs and enterprising kids will call out menus and prices as you wander or drive through the town’s four streets anytime after noon. Pick one, any one, that has a few people inside (always a good sign) and tuck in.”

Read the entire Puerto Nuevo Lobster in Baja article.

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