Mexican Insurance for Visitors – 2 Fun Mexican Snacks to Sample During Your Mexico Trip

Mexican food is a top choice in many locations, but it doesn’t take a trip around the world to figure out that the best place to have great Mexican food is Mexico itself. Before you go on your culinary crusade, be sure that your Mexican insurance for visitors is in place. Check out Mexico auto insurance quotes online from the comfort of your home.

Traditional Mexican elote


You may think in terms of some of the more elaborate Mexican dishes like mole or enchiladas. However, Mexican fast foods are surprisingly savory and delicious. You may have certain styles of food in mind. However, the following are some top fast food choices to add to your gastronomical to-do list.


You may be familiar with ears of corn served on a stick by Mexican vendors on either side of the border. However, the treat is just as savory if not more so when served in a vaso, a Styrofoam cup. The vendors smothered the hot kernels of corn with butter and queso, cheese. You have the option of adding various types of chile sauces to spice up your snack as well. Although the ingredients have earned such snacks the designation of a heart attack in a cup, a one-time sampling can be an exciting experience for your taste buds.


Many Mexicans enjoy chips to a completely new level with the addition of condiments. Chamoy is one such sauce, a spicy and tart red sauce that is bought by the quart or by the gallon by those who sell chips to school children at the end of their school day. One much fancier version is tostilocos, a bag of spicy tortilla chips that is enhanced through the addition of cuerdos, cucumbers, onion, and other add-ins. Additionally, many people eat a healthy dose of chamoy to round out the treat. Everything goes into the chip bag for easy handling.

Your insurance policy also includes add-ins. Top-rated Mexican insurance for visitors includes emergency roadside help, legal support, travel interruption, and certain medical benefits. Be sure to check for these features when you begin to research Mexico auto insurance quotes online.

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