Mexican Insurance for US Cars & Whale Watching!

If you like to have as many details as possible in place before you travel, then online research is a smart way to begin preparations for a winter whale-watching tour of Baja. You can read about Mexican insurance for US cars so you are sure to have appropriate Mexican insurance for US cars for your Baja drive. You will also want to explore travel benefits included in many Mexican insurance San Ysidro. Although whale migrations are a few months away, good planning now can ensure a fantastic experience.

Mexican insurance for US cars

Now that you have your Mexican insurance San Ysidro, where to go?

Consider the migration timing and route. You will also want to find areas along the coast that allow you to spend some time watching. Many coastal towns offer tours during top migration periods. And you can explore online information about Ensenada, Vizcaino, Cabo San Lucas and Magdelena Bay. Reaching any of these destinations by car will take you along Mexican Highway 1, an often lonely rural highway. The road condition is generally pretty good, but it’s always important to have a few emergency supplies on hand. You never know when you’ll experience car trouble en route. Make sure that your vehicle is checked thoroughly before your trip, and keep your insurance paperwork handy in case you need to contact the provider for roadside help. Mexican insurance for US Cars at Mexican Insurance Store includes this benefit free of charge.

Timing: When should you go?

December is the beginning of whale season, and as the creatures head south, they will journey toward the warm waters of Baja del Sur to give birth. The return trip for the whales begins in the early spring months, finishing up in April. The latter part of the migration times can be excellent for those who are patient, as mothers and their young may venture closer to the coast on the trek north. Less populated beaches on the Pacific Ocean are great for those willing to watch for extended periods. If you need more time, make sure that you extend your Mexican insurance for US Cars. You may want to think about buying long-term Mexican insurance San Ysidro right from the start so that you can stay longer.

Mexican insurance for US cars at Mexican Insurance Store (Mexican insurance San Ysidro) is what you need to be protected across the border! 

Mexican insurance for US cars at Mexican Insurance Store

Whale watching in Baja

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