Mexican Insurance for Rocky Point: Quick Summer Travel

It’s not too late to fit a foreign vacation into your summer plans. Although the notebooks and bookbags are filling the displays at department stores, you have a few weeks left to make a memorable trip with the kids. Get your Mexican insurance for Rocky Point online so that you can put your trip itinerary together right away. The drive is just an hour beyond the Lukeville AZ border, and your insurance will enable you to go without having any inconvenient stops for border policies. Make sure that you research your Mexico car insurance for Rocky Point so that you pick the appropriate indemnity limits.

Sunset on the Coast, Puerto Peñasco.

Rest and Relaxation

The Sea of Cortez is ideal for a family trip. You have lots of options for activities, but you can simply enjoy a few days of fun and sun on the spectacular beaches. Kids love being able to splash at will in the beautiful waters. You can also include some special activities like a boat tour, fishing or kayaking. There are many lovely resorts in the area, some including kitchen facilities that will allow you to prepare some or all of your meals. Of course, local cuisine is outstanding. Take the kids to the top taco stands and paleterías in the area.

Your insurance can include towed items if you want to bring a trailer and ATVs for exploring. You need to remember to include all towed vehicles on the trailer that are valued at more than $1,000 when you buy your Mexico car insurance for Rocky Point. While there isn’t Mexican insurance for Rocky Point options for operating ATVs, not covering them as towed items can violate the terms of your auto coverage.

Some families consider traveling in an RV and towing a car for use in town. This is an excellent choice for a family vacation in the region. It’s important to note that the towed car needs its own insurance coverage. It also needs to be added to the RV Mexico car insurance for Rocky Point as a towed vehicle. While this may seem to duplicate the insurance on that vehicle, the reality is that the two areas of coverage are different. Second-guessing policies can lead to big problems if you wreck.

Mexican insurance for Rocky Point comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

Mexican Insurance for Rocky Point

Rocky Point Vacations

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