Mexican Insurance for Phoenix Drivers – Buy and Go!

Phoenix residents have many great options as they think about a visit to Mexico. Whether you head to the beach community of Rocky Point or to the more commercial area of Mexicali, you need to be sure that you have authentic Mexican insurance for Phoenix drivers. Most insurance policies will cover any driver in the car. However, insurance companies exclude drivers under the age of 21  from coverage. Once you figure out where you want to go, however, you can get your Mexico car insurance for Phoenix drivers handled quickly online.

Puerto Peñasco

Buy Mexican insurance for Phoenix drivers, then take off!

Getting to Rocky Point requires about four hours of driving time from Phoenix. The AZ-85 will take you to the Lukeville border crossing. The last hour of driving, approximately 60 miles, will be on Mexican roadways. The Sonoyta – Puerto Peñasco road will take you to your destination. You will appreciate the inclusion of highway assistance in your Mexican insurance for Phoenix drivers. This is especially true if you have any problems on the road. If you are towing a boat or trailer, make sure that it is included in your insurance.


A visit to Mexicali will take about the same amount of time as a visit to Rocky Point. However, you will do almost all of your driving in the U.S. because of Mexicali’s proximity to the border. It’s still essential to purchase Mexico car insurance for Phoenix drivers so that you have coverage in the event of an accident. In fact, the Baja Norte government mandates coverage for all motorists. Your insurance policy complies with Mexican law.


The trip from Phoenix to Nogales is a bit shorter, only requiring three hours of driving time. Again, nearly all of your travel will be in the U.S. While many visitors park on the U.S. side and walk across the border, having your car handy can be helpful if you will do a lot of shopping in Nogales. Full coverage Mexican insurance for Phoenix vehicles is ideal if you want protection against vandalism and theft. It’s also wise to choose the insurance coverage that allows for either Mexico or U.S. repairs. Keep an extra copy of your Mexico car insurance for Phoenix drivers handy in case you are separated from your vehicle in the event of an incident.

Mexican insurance for Phoenix drivers is easy to buy online!

Mexican insurance for Phoenix drivers
Mexico Highway 1 

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