Mexican insurance for LA Galaxy Fans

Mexican insurance for LA

LA Galaxy VS Club Tijuana

Mexican insurance for LA Galaxy Fans

Whether you want to check out some soccer action while the LA Galaxy is away from home or whether you are considering attending the next Galaxy match at Estadio Caliente, Mexican insurance for LA Galaxy fans is important while you are in Mexican territory. Your team may dominate on the field, but Mexican law dominates on the roads. You are required to have Mexican auto insurance for LA residents even for the short driving distance from the border to Estadio Caliente. Do your research so that your Mexican auto insurance for LA meets your needs.

Why Won’t My Normal US Policy Work?

US car insurance is invalid in Mexico.

Although some domestic carriers provide a limited amount of physical damage coverage for your vehicle in border zones, this can be restricted to just a couple of miles’ distance from the border and it doesn’t provide any liability protection which is the part of the coverage that keeps you out of jail. Estadio Caliente is nearly 10 miles from the border, outside of that protected zone. Your Mexican insurance for LA Galaxy fans meets the legal requirement for Mexican auto insurance for LA residents, including liability for damages caused to other motorists or to Mexican citizens. If your domestic policy does cover the border zone, it never covers your liabilities if you cause an accident. Additionally, a fatal accident carries a death benefit obligation in excess of $140,000 per decedent if you are responsible in Northern Baja.

Unless your jail cell in Mexico has ESPN, Time Warner, or Fox Sports, you must have Mexican insurance for LA Galaxy fans that will cover that obligation if you plan to watch the rest of the season.

What Type of Policy Is Best?

You need to be sure that your Mexican insurance for LA Galaxy fans is sufficient to cover the duration of your time in the country. If you will strictly be in the country for a game, you may be able to get by with a one-day Mexican auto insurance for LA. However, a late game schedule that will keep you in Tijuana past midnight requires that your Mexican insurance for LA residents spans both calendar days in spite of the short time in the country. You may decide at the last minute to extend your stay in Tijuana, in which case you can purchase additional Mexican auto insurance for LA Galaxy fans online.

Mexican insurance for LA  residents from comes with bail bond, legal, and roadside assistance throughout Mexico at no additional cost

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  • Jaleesa Whitting
    January 17, 2017 4:40 pm

    You may not feel safe on one side of the border or the other. That’s because border is crammed with lots of people trying to enter Mexico. This is more obvious during holiday rush.

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