Mexican Insurance For Cars & Whale Season

The December through April breeding season of gray whales in the area of Baja makes it the ideal time to begin planning for your own eco-adventure. You can view whales as they head south, as they enjoy the warm waters in the Sea of Cortez, or as they return north. It’s important to be sure that your Mexican insurance for cars is in place before you head into Mexico. You can research car insurance for Mexico ahead of time as you figure out where to go and what to see. Remember, you need Mexican insurance for cars coverage in order to drive the highways in Mexico.

A Woman Touching a Whale Head

Baja spots for whale experiences

If you want a guided experience, you will find many options throughout the Baja Peninsula. You can head all the way south to Cabo San Lucas. Your trip may take a few days, especially if you want to enjoy scenery and culture along the way. Your insurance includes important benefits like roadside help for emergencies, an important consideration on more lonely parts of Mexican Highway 1. You should be sure that you carry a wireless device with an international plan so that you can get help in a pinch. Your car insurance for Mexico will also provide you with benefits like legal representation, medical assistance, and trip interruption assistance. Although you may not plan for problems, a remote highway can pose many unexpected challenges.

Sea of Cortez Sightings

You may also enjoy mainland Mexico destinations for viewing the whales during their seasonal migration. From Rocky Point to Culiacán, you’ll find beach destinations that can provide you with beautiful scenery and access to charter tours for eco-experiences. Some may consider towing their own boats, but it is important to exercise caution while attempting to catch sight of whales.

Authorities Require Car Insurance for Mexico When Driving Across the Border!

You also need to be careful to cover your towing with the proper insurance forms. Towed vehicles or trailers must be added when filling out your insurance policy information. Failure to do so could result in the termination of your policy if you have an accident while towing.

Mexican whale watching is an incredible experience. You may want to observe the return trip in early April from a Pacific beach in Baja Norte. Check out San Quintín for some beautiful options. Just remember your car insurance for Mexico before you cross the border.

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Mexican insurance at MexicanInsuranceStore

Gray whale, Baja California


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