Mexican Insurance For Cars And Baja California Racing

If you think of racing and Mexico, you might quickly consider events like the Baja 500 or the Baja 1000. However, you have to drive to reach the area, so you need Mexican insurance for cars. While these are well-known and easily reached by driving in Mexico, you can also think of other options. For example, the Mexican Ocean Racing Circuit is scheduled in Puerto Vallarta during the last week of March 2022. You can take care of your car insurance for Mexico early so that you can focus on your additional travel plans and needs.

Mexican insurance for cars

Getting to Puerto Vallarta

Driving into Mexico requires that you pre-think getting out. You must have your passport or passport card. If you take family members, each individual must have a valid passport. You also need to stop just after crossing the border to obtain a vehicle permit for travel in mainland Mexico. You will pay a deposit that is later refundable on your exit from the country.

Mexican insurance for cars by is required!

It is unlikely that you will need to provide proof of car insurance for Mexico at the outset of your trip. However, it’s wise to have the documentation handy if an official asks. Print an extra copy of your Mexican insurance for cars by to keep in your luggage so that you have it available if the original copy is lost.

Crossing into Mexico from Lukeville, AZ, allows you to take the most direct driving path to Puerto Vallarta. The drive on Mexican Highway 15 is nearly 1,100 miles, approximately 19 hours of driving time. In planning your driving, you may want to break the road time up over several days so that you can enjoy the charm of the many communities along the way.

Be sure that you select a policy period that will cover your entire visit when you buy car insurance for Mexico. For example, suppose you stay at least three weeks. In that case, it is probably cheaper to purchase six-month Mexican insurance for cars, and it will build a little bit of leeway into your itinerary as you enjoy the water racing event and other attractions in Puerto Vallarta.

You can purchase Mexican insurance for cars by on a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone!


Mexican insurance for autos by

For more information about Baja Racing, click Baja 500 and 1000.


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  • You can easily venture off roading while your stay in Mexico during spring season. Once you have applied for Mexico insurance after that all you need is to pleasure yourself with fascinating resorts and breathtaking views.

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