Mexican Insurance for Canadians in the New Year

Mexican Insurance for Canadians
Baja California Mexico Coastline

Mexican Insurance for Canadians in the New Year

Whether you are already in Mexico or preparing for an upcoming trip, it is important to keep your expiration dates in mind with regard to your Mexican insurance for Canadians. A short-term policy of Mexican auto insurance for Canadians can serve your needs nicely on a quick vacation, but if you adjust your plans and decide to stay longer, it is crucial that you update your Mexican car insurance for Canadians appropriately. If your policy is written for a longer period of time, it is critical that you maintain an awareness of expiration dates so that your policy does not lapse while you are in Mexico.

Long-Term Vacationing

Whether you are living in Mexico as a snowbird or staying for an extended period in connection with business or a service project, your Mexican insurance for Canadians offers several important features in addition to typical vehicle protection. Your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians includes bonus features such as legal assistance and bail bond coverage if you should be involved in a serious accident that leads to legal entanglements. You also have access to assistance if you experience a vehicular emergency such as a lockout, blown radiator, or empty fuel tank. You do need to make contact with the hotline listed in your Mexican car insurance for Canadians to initiate these helps, so make sure that you carry a reliable communication device. In the past, it may have made more sense to buy a cheap cellphone in the country for Mexican calling, but today, many wireless providers from north of the border offer international calling plans that are priced and structured for North American countries.

Mexican Insurance for Canadians is now required in order to drive on any Federal Highway in Mexico

One of the primary issues to keep in mind as you spend a longer period in Mexico is that different states have different liability limit requirements. If you will only be in one state during your stay, your Mexican insurance for Canadians can be a simple issue. Matters become more complicated if you change plans while you are in the country and decide to visit another state, especially if that state’s liability limits are higher. Make sure that you update your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians if you do travel unexpectedly into a different state.

Mexican Insurance for Canadians from Mexican Insurance comes with Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico

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