Adventure tourism may not be for the faint of heart. Neither is driving in Mexico without good Mexican insurance for Baja. Whether you are an adventuresome traveler or love to stick to safe activities, your insurance is a top priority. Mexico insurance for U.S. cars provides peace of mind when you travel, accounting for issues like vehicle replacement, levels of payments for losses, travel interruption, and more.

Mexican insurance for Baja

Breathtaking beauty

Some of the most beautiful sites in Mexico require the most determination to see. Whether you are scaling the steep slope to reach San Pedro Mártir in a beat-up old van or whether you are looking for gorgeous waterfalls in remote areas of Chiapas, you will be amazed at the natural beauty you are able to experience. You may find some rugged terrain. And it’s important to travel carefully when you are off the main roads. This is because your Mexican insurance for Baja may not be able to help if you aren’t on recognized roadways. These detours are good points to hire tour guides so that you can be a bit safer in your adventure.

Are you towing rafting or kayaking equipment? Be sure to include your towed items in your Mexico insurance for U.S. cars. Any drivable towed items should be covered twice. For example, if you tow a car behind your RV, you need to include it on your RV Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store as a towed item. You must also purchase a separate policy for the operation of that vehicle in Mexico.

Remember to buy Mexico Insurance for US Cars

While this may seem to duplicate coverage, this is far from true. Coverage of towed items protects both those items on your RV policy in such a case, and failure to include these items on that portion of your insurance leads to problems with your coverage of the main vehicle. At the same time, when you operate a towed vehicle in Mexico, it requires a valid operational policy.

If you have questions about your coverage needs, your insurance representatives can assist online or in person. Your Mexico insurance for U.S. cars provides security so that you can focus on your adventure vacation.

Mexican insurance for Baja from Mexican Insurance Store allows repair in 3 different countries.

Mexican insurance Baja from Mexican Insurance Store
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