Mexican insurance coverage – Join The Surge Of Americans Heading To Mexico

Mexican insurance coverage
Rosarito Beach highway

Mexican insurance coverage – Join the surge of Americans heading to Mexico

With a 10-percent increase in travel out of the U.S. last year, Americans’ number one destination was Mexico. The southern neighbor is easily accessible for those on a strict budget, but it also offers luxury tourism and exotic locations to those with the means to get there. If you are starting to breathe a bit easier as the recession years fade into memory, you might be looking for an affordable but exotic location to get away from the daily rigors of life. A driving vacation begins with the right Mexican insurance coverage, a legal requirement for driving legally across the border. You can purchase Mexico auto insurance and have coverage you can print in minutes.

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Picking a destination

Many border towns offer tourist attractions for the casual visitor. However, the tourist corridors often stretch into the nation far enough to provide some more relaxing options for the individual who is keen on a bit of indulgence and rest. Ensenada, Rosarito, and Rocky Point are all excellent examples of such spots. You can be a recluse on the beach, or you can join a party atmosphere at an active resort. Be sure that you have your travel documents in order before you cross the border.

Pro tip: Mexican insurance coverage is now required for access to the toll highways. Without Mexico auto insurance, you could be on the road longer.

Your passport is required, although you may not need to show it on your entry into Mexico. You will certainly need it to get out. You will also need Mexico auto insurance before crossing the border. If you inadvertently forget to buy coverage after entering the country, you can always pull over and buy Mexican insurance coverage from with your smartphone.

Purchase Mexican insurance coverage from with an iPhone

If you must make a last-minute purchase of Mexico auto insurance, remember to verify coverage recommendations based on your destination so that you carry adequate liability limits. Your Mexico auto insurance is immediately updated in Mexican data systems, an important feature of Internet-driven coverage that is not typically available at a border shack. It’s worth the time taken to pull over and buy a policy before driving another yard in Mexico without reliable coverage.

Mexican insurance coverage from comes with Roadside Assistance throughout all of Mexico

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  • Iluminada Constant
    April 13, 2015 5:23 pm

    Americans can drive to Mexico as long as they comply with Mexican government. Car Insurance compliance remains the responsibility of US car owners. Mexican Insurance Store offers online help to everyone.

  • Jamel Lockamy
    April 17, 2015 6:14 pm

    Mexico insurance can be purchased online. In minutes, you can already print your policy. Policy is exclusively in Mexico that’s why Americans cannot use it for other travelling or other business-related matters.

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