Mexican Insurance Coverage for Federal Highways – Whale Watching Season Is Here

Mexican Highway 1 is bustling with activity as North American tourists make their way south to catch a glimpse of gray whales en route to their birthing locations in the Pacific. In fact, some of the most popular bays are just across the Baja del Sur border. This is easily reached in a couple of days’ driving. Your Mexican insurance coverage for federal highways is crucial during the trip down. However, it must also be active on your way back. Effective last fall, the nation as a whole imposed a requirement that all motorists, foreigners, and natives, carry appropriate Mexico auto insurance coverage.

Whale watching

Do I Need a Tour Boat to See the Whales?

You can enjoy an up-close view of the gray whales by participating in a charter tour. However, this may be pricey. If your budget isn’t ready for the cost of a charter, you might want to try finding a nice viewpoint that is somewhat elevated so that you can see a good distance. You may also enjoy a view from the beach in some areas. Take time to read about areas such as Ojo de Liebre Lagoon and San Ignacio Lagoon ahead of time. These are located in a relatively small portion of the northern part of Baja del Sur. Thus, you may be able to spend some time checking out activity in various spots in a short span of time.

Accommodations and Options

One of the best options for extended whale watching along the coast is to travel by RV so that you can be close to potential viewing opportunities from dawn until dusk. If you tow a fifth wheel, you must include the towed vehicle in your Mexican Insurance coverage for federal highways. If you drive your RV and tow an extra vehicle, you need independent Mexico auto insurance coverage for each vehicle, and the RV policy must also include the towed car under towing options.

Baja del Sur has higher recommended liability limits. Thus, you must select Mexican insurance for federal highways based on this state’s limits. This is because it has potentially two times the limits for Baja Norte, if not greater. Review limit recommendations when you quote your Mexico auto insurance coverage online.

Mexican Insurance coverage for Federal Highways from top- rated comes with roadside assistance throughout Mexico.

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