Looking for a retirement home in Mexico that gives you the convenience of both U.S. and Mexican amenities? Rosarito is an excellent spot to begin your search. It’s a great choice with close access to beautiful beaches and only 20 minutes from the border. Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store is important for even those short travel distances in the country. You can select a long-term policy, as Mexico car insurance will be necessary during your initial exploration of the area. Then, print your coverage instantly online, and you’re ready to go.

Mexican car insurance

Now that you have Mexican car insurance, why travel to Rosarito?

One of the big attractions of Rosarito is the ease of access to the U.S. Whether you want your retirement home to be a primary residence or a part-time vacation retreat, you can head back across the border easily. In fact, many who aren’t yet in their retirement years find the cost of living to be more affordable, leading to their living in areas like Rosarito and commuting across for work. Busy traffic times for crossing back to the states include weekday mornings at rush hour and weekend afternoons. Plan accordingly, and do not allow your Mexico car insurance to expire.

The border area is a common spot for small but annoying accidents. Therefore, your car insurance becomes quite important if you do have an incident. Fortunately, you can set up a Mexico car insurance account, so you can bring them up on a smartphone even if you lose your documents.

Scenery and Shopping

Two major interests for those residing in Rosarito are beautiful scenery and easy access to basic shopping. You will find that you can purchase groceries at chains like Calimax in the immediate area. You’ll also find Costco and Home Depot in nearby Tijuana. There are shopping malls, movie theaters, and plenty of great places to dine. At the same time, you can venture back to the States for specialty shopping. Your need for Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store is ongoing. Full coverage is ideal if your vehicle is valued above $3,000. It’s also important to note that you should add towed items to your insurance policy. Whether you are bringing a boat or a dune buggy, add it to your car insurance.

Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store gives you peace of mind while driving in Rosarito!

Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store
Rosarito Beach pier


Mexican Auto Insurance Will Get you to Rosarito Safely!

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