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Off-road travel can be a lot of fun, especially if you are exploring a new location. However, there are some definite risks associated with exploring unknown territory. If you have an interest in off-road exploration in Mexico, you need to consider how to handle your adventure safely. Your Mexican insurance at doesn’t cover off-road exploration. In fact, if you have an accident during off-road driving, your Mexico auto insurance from could be cancelled. You now need Mexico auto insurance from in order to drive any highways in Mexico.

Guided tours

One of the best options for remote exploration is participation in a guided tour. In addition to making use of the guide company’s vehicle, you are more likely to avoid areas that could lead to accidents on the road. There’s always a risk involved in traveling through a rugged area, but with somebody who knows the area, the chances of avoiding danger are better. Additionally, your Mexican insurance at isn’t jeopardized. Protecting your vehicle through the purchase of Mexico auto insurance from is important, and keeping that coverage up-to-date and valid is critical.


Many tourists use their ATVs to explore more rugged areas. Whether you are enjoying sand dunes or beaches, they are great for getting to less accessible spots. It’s important to note that your towing of ATVs to and in Mexico should be indicated on your Mexican insurance at Failure to add your towed vehicles could lead to cancellation of your Mexico auto insurance from for your primary vehicle in an accident. It’s also helpful to recognize that not all providers offer operating coverage for ATVs. However, some Mexican insurance at offers coverage for street legal units that are properly plated in the U.S. or Canada. Additionally, those providers offering ATV coverage only do so for conventional road use. Off-roading is not covered.

Mexican insurance at is required!

You need to weigh the benefits of ATV off-road activity against the risks. Similarly, you can look for solutions that allow you to experience remote locations and features in Mexico without nullification of your Mexico auto insurance from As you consider remote areas, look for tours, trains and other options for exploring in depth. Your Mexican insurance at will keep you covered for your driving activities on conventional roads and highways.

Mexican insurance at will give you peace of mind, so you can enjoy your vacation without worry!

Mexican insurance at
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  • Terrie Studdard
    May 19, 2014 3:37 pm

    Nearby residents from USA can easily accommodate themselves by entertaining and enjoying the luxury of off roading as this event stays on round the year, be sure to buy Mexican insurance.

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