Mexican car insurance from – Issues Affecting Off-Road Vehicles

Mexican car insurance from
ATV Beach Adventures in Mexico

Mexican car insurance from – Issues Affecting Off-Road Vehicles

Many people travel into Mexico with ATVs or other off-road vehicles in tow. Planning for such a trip may require a little bit of preparation in terms of special gas mixes and other needs. However, exploring beaches and desert areas is a great source of fun for those who spend even just a couple of days in their favorite spots. You may wonder about Mexican car insurance from for off-road activity if you’ve never taken your ATVs south of the border before. While most off-road driving isn’t covered, we can provide some of the basics you need to know about your vehicles and off-road activity as you research Mexico insurance online.

Getting Your Off-Road Vehicles to Their Destination

While some folks may fit their ATVs or dirt bikes into the bed of a pickup truck, others may need to tow a trailer of some sort to transport off-road vehicles. If you tow, you must include the trailer and towed items on your Mexican car insurance from Without this add-on, your entire policy could be cancelled in case of an accident while you are towing. Your information can easily be included as you list the towed items and their values. If you have an existing policy but have not previously needed towing coverage, you may want to email or call to discuss adjustments to your existing Mexico insurance online.

Options for Insuring Off-Road Vehicles with Mexican car insurance from

ATVs, golf carts and similar vehicles are not insurable under most Mexico insurance online policies. However, HDI offers Mexican car insurance from to cover such vehicles for use on conventional roads. Off-road activity isn’t covered, and you may wonder if selecting this type of insurance makes much sense. There are a couple of requirements related to your equipment for use at home in the U.S. or Canada that affect whether you are even eligible to buy Mexican car insurance from for your off-road vehicles. They must be street legal for your home country with proper plates. They must also have comprehensive/collision coverage on a valid policy in your home country. Mexico insurance online coverage for such vehicles might not strike you as a significant need, but you may want to consider the possibility of theft and the costs to replace such belongings, issues which may best be addressed with a full-coverage policy.

Mexican car insurance from comes with Roadside Assistance and legal throughout Mexico.

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