Mexican Car Insurance for Visitors and Wedding Guests

Need a simple Mexican wedding destination you can reach by car? There are some nice locations in Baja Norte that are not too far from the border, perfect for enjoying the beauty and culture of Mexico while experiencing that getaway theme in your plans. You should take the time to select the right Mexican car insurance for visitors as you plan to check out the locations in advance. You will also want to make sure your guests buy car insurance for Mexico.

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San Quintín

There are some quaint motels in the San Quintín area. Jardines, for example, has beautiful tropical gardens and charming architecture, perfect for a small wedding. You’ll also find the local park has a pretty gazebo to consider for your event. There are beach locations as well. The rural highway makes the right policy of Mexican car insurance for visitors especially important. A breakdown en route can be frustrating, but luckily car insurance for Mexico at Mexican Insurance Store includes roadside assistance. Let your guests know to have their insurance policy close by in case they need to call for help or show proof of coverage.


If you need something really close to the border, then you can look at beach and resort properties in Rosarito. There are many scenic options, and you can enjoy the benefit of housing guests on either side of the border. It’s important to do some preliminary planning to ensure that your wedding is handled according to the nation’s requirements. Look for a resort with a wedding coordinator for the best results. Your Mexican car insurance for visitors is still important as the Tijuana and Rosarito areas are fast-paced enough that accidents can happen during your preparations.

Remember to buy Car Insurance for Mexico

If you want to get just a little farther south while still being close to home, Ensenada is a wonderful Mexican wedding destination. Consider beach wedding locations, or explore nearby wineries for scenic options. Let your guests know about the benefits of car insurance for Mexico so that they are assured of the best options in the event of an accident, theft, or vandalism.

Research Mexican car insurance for visitors at Mexican Insurance Store first, then buy!

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