Mexican Car Insurance for Tourists and Culinary Tips

Dining is a great way to work on your Spanish vocabulary, especially if you do so in Mexico. If you are close to the border, you have access to a beautiful world of language and culinary lessons. Just pick out reliable Mexican car insurance for tourists so that you can make your first trip across the border. You can select your policy using the quote tool for Mexico insurance for cars and printing it from your personal computer at home. Take an extra copy so that you have one in your car and one in your bags.

Mexican car insurance for tourists

Close culinary spots

You can find lots of tacos stands in Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali and Nogales. Any of these is a great spot to start learning. You will see plenty of familiar things in these venues. Just point and ask, “¿Cómo se dice?” This is the phrase for, “How do you say?” It’s just enough to get the point across, and you can load up on vocabulary as you load up on tacos and condiments.

Park in an area that allows you good visibility of your vehicle. Your Mexican insurance for tourists at Mexican Insurance Store provides for issues like theft and vandalism, but it’s better not to deal with such problems. You will want to consider full coverage when you buy your Mexico insurance, especially if you can’t afford to be without your vehicle.

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You can enjoy your food as you watch the interaction in a restaurant or food stand. Listen for greetings and other phrases. You may be surprised to discover that chile on Mexican food isn’t a given. You’ll also be intrigued by variations on popular American fare. For example, a Mexican pizzería might place frijoles and jalapeños on a Mexican pizza.

There is a heavy concentration of Chinese cuisine in some spots. Become a student of culture and language as you enjoy your adventure. You might want to be sure that you select long-term Mexican car insurance for tourists so that you can come many times. You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t allow your older policy to lapse. You can update your car insurance by logging on with your account details.

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Mexican Insurance Store Mexican auto insurance and Culinary Exploration

Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

Ceaser’s Restuarant, Tijuana




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  • I am a fan of Mexican cuisine. I love the ambience provided by Mexican restaurants. My favorite spots are in Tecate and Mexicali. Riding down there with my Mexico insurance online is my preferred choice.

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