Mexican Car Insurance for Canadians and Whale Season

If you are thinking about enjoying Baja for the winter, then it’s time to research Mexican car insurance for Canadians so that you can head south. It’s just a few weeks until the migration of the grey whales begins, and your Mexico insurance for Canadians will allow you to travel throughout the peninsula to see the magnificent creatures. You will also appreciate the quality of options available in your insurance policy. This will ensure that you have access to help in the event of a problem. Mexican Car Insurance for Canadians is now necessary to drive on any highways in Mexico.

Whale being kissed

Heading South with quality Mexico Insurance for Canadians

Your trip south doesn’t have to reflect that of the whales. However, mid-December generally marks the beginning of the trip for the creatures. The return trip will end in April, meaning that you have a four-month window of opportunity. Although you may not spend six months in Mexico, you may want to consider a six-month policy when you buy your Mexican car insurance for Canadians. If your time in the country will exceed three weeks, then a six-month insurance is a much better value. At the same time, you may want to think about your plans later in the year. Some travelers fall in love with Baja, deciding to return at various points throughout the year. A one-year Mexico insurance for Canadians isn’t much more expensive than a six-month policy, an excellent choice for those with ongoing travel opportunities.

Changing Plans

If you decide to stay beyond the term selected in your Mexican car insurance for Canadians, you can easily access your account online. You’ll be able to buy a supplemental insurance policy so that you can stay longer. You may decide to try sport fishing, or you may just want to spend more time getting to know the small communities throughout the region. If your travel is by RV, you have a lot more leeway in moving from town to town. This is a great way to pinpoint a spot for a vacation home as well. If you would like to have your own property in the future, a winter of travel will allow you to experience various communities as you decide. Your Mexico insurance for Canadians will allow you to move about without worrying about issues like roadside emergencies.

Mexican Car Insurance for Canadians by comes with Free Roadside Assistance

Mexican Car Insurance for Canadians
Baja Whale Season

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  • Savanna Mcclean
    May 16, 2014 4:14 pm

    Canadians are probably the only ones who benefit a lot from Mexican insurance; they surely apply for a long term package as they visit twice or thrice a year for adventure in Mexico.

  • Mexico have their own rules and laws, and should be abide by ever y tourist, moreover Canadians are required to get Mexican auto insurance as much as any other foreigner.

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