Mexican Car Insurance for Baja Driving – Road Cautions

Northern Baja can be a great spot for a short- or long-term winter vacation, but you may need to adjust your expectations as you pack. The image of a hot and balmy climate in Mexico can be far from accurate in Baja Norte. Days may be cool, but you’ll also find that some areas are quite lovely on a winter afternoon. Nights can be icy, especially with the humidity in the air. Your Mexican car insurance for Baja driving is important as you drive through the region. While it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter icy roads, you could face other obstacles that call your car insurance for Mexico with into action. Authorities now require Mexican car insurance for Baja driving in order to drive on freeways in Mexico.

Scenery along R – 1 of Baja California.

Fog and Weather

While rain can be limited in the area, fog is common. Your early morning driving is most likely to be affected, especially if you proceed south of Ensenada. Take your time on such drives, and consider waiting out any fog that impacts your visibility. The roads south of Ensenada can be narrow. And there are some steep drop-offs in some areas. Car insurance for Mexico with provides roadside support if you have car trouble en route. More serious is your risk of a collision when poor visibility exists, making reliable Mexican car insurance for Baja driving a priority.


The behavior of other motorists can create challenges as you drive in Baja Norte as well. Additionally, poor vehicle maintenance can lead to dangerous driving conditions. It’s much more common to encounter a car with one or both headlights out at night. Many people recommend that tourists driving through Mexico avoid night travel. And this is one of the risks you might face if you ignore that consideration. While your car insurance for Mexico with will address your liabilities in an accident, you should think about expanding to full coverage Mexican car insurance for Baja driving to ensure that your own damages and losses are considered as well.


As you drive through desert areas, you shouldn’t be surprised by chance encounters with desert animals. Whether you see a burro or a coyote, you need to remember to exercise caution. Dogs are a more common road hazard, however, as many strays roam in areas. Full coverage is better for ensuring that an encounter with such a critter won’t leave you with outrageous repair or replacement costs for your vehicle. I have a friend who hit a 40-pound coyote at 75 miles an hour and it destroyed his entire bumper and torn off one turn signal.

Mexican car insurance through comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

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  • Bobby Belle
    May 25, 2014 5:12 pm

    As many tourists find amusing to view the natural beauty of Mexico along the coastal areas yet it turns out to be a mess as this may lead to an accident. It is necessary to get Mexican insurance for security.

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