Mexican car insurance at for Baja Border

There are several border towns in Baja California Norte that will allow you to drive into Mexico. Your choice of crossing points will depend primarily on your point of origin and your destination. The easiest crossing is, after all, the closest one. However, the easiest way to get driving coverage for your car is to buy your Mexican car insurance at Online access allows you to get your Mexico insurance by in a short time, enabling you to skip unreliable and inconvenient shops near the border. Mexican car insurance at is now necessary as effective October 1, 2013 all drivers in Mexico must carry Mexico insurance by (or others).

Mexican car insurance at and Knowing what You Need

You may have an understanding that it’s a good idea to buy Mexican car insurance at Actually, you need to realize that not having coverage can place you in serious circumstances if you are involved in an accident. Regardless of which driver is at fault, all involved in a wreck will be detained and questioned. An auto accident in Mexico is viewed as a felony, and Napoleonic principles in the Mexican legal system mean that you have the burden of proving your innocence. If you are traveling in Baja, all motorists, foreign and nationals, are required to have proper liability coverage. Lack of your own Mexican car insurance at is contrary to the law, leaving you in a precarious legal situation if you have an accident.

Mexico insurance by and Knowing the Limits

When a Mexican national is killed in an accident caused by a third party, that individuals dependents are entitled to the equivalent of 5,000 days of compensation at the state’s daily wage level. In Baja Norte, this is more than $140,000 per decedent. What happens if you have a policy with liability limits of $150,000 and are involved in an accident that results in more than one fatality? It’s wise to opt for higher limits to ensure that you aren’t stuck holding a hefty bill in an at-fault incident. The daily difference may only be a few dollars between the highest and lowest limits possible, but the results are well worth the extra expense if you have an incident. Take time when you get your Mexico insurance by so that you don’t have regrets later.

You can always contact an agent for answers to your questions about Mexican car insurance at as well.

Mexican car insurance at

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