Mexican car insurance at & eco-tourism

Mexican car insurance at & eco-tourism

Eco-tourism may sound like a fancy approach to vacationing in Mexico, but it’s really not a difficult experience to pull off. Isn’t it really about appreciating the natural resources of beautiful Mexico? Mexican car insurance at is a priority if your back-to-nature adventure includes driving across the border. Whether you go whale-watching in Baja or exploring the jungles of Chiapas, you can appreciate the biological treasures of the country in a variety of ways. Get your Mexican insurance from as you research eco-tourism options. Mexican car insurance at is now required by law in order for you to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Water adventures

You’ll find that there’s plenty of coastline to consider if you are looking for a spot to enjoy the treasures of the sea. Whale season is picking up right now in Baja del Sur, and there are numerous charter companies providing expeditions to see the mother and baby whales up close. You have plenty of time between now and the middle of April to venture down the peninsula to see the migratory activities of the gray whales, and a few days of driving on Mexican Highway 1 will get you there on your schedule.

Mexican car insurance at is required!

Mexican car insurance at can be written for your definite travel dates. However, if you choose to stay any longer than three weeks, you will probably want to upgrade to full coverage Mexican insurance from Because the daily rate is much more expensive than an annual policies, it is actually cheaper to buy a 6 month policy than say, a month long policy at the daily rate.

Turtle experiences are also enjoyable opportunities to interact with sea creatures. You’ll find the timing different in various coastal communities from Puerto Vallarta to Nayarit. Southern Baja also offers turtle experiences as the sea creatures lay their eggs. When the eggs hatch, eco-tourists can help in guiding the young creatures back to the ocean.

Dolphin swimming is another enjoyable adventure, and you’ll find family-friendly experiences available in mainland cities. Your driving in mainland requires a vehicle permit in addition to your Mexican car insurance at You can research costs and requirements online at the same time you evaluate what kind of Mexican insurance from you are purchasing.

Beach communities are great for enhanced enjoyment of water features in Mexico. Look for tidal pools along the shores of some small colónias. Look for boating charters that will allow you to see more of the offshore formations and features as well.

Mexican car insurance at gives you peace of mind!

Mexican car insurance at
Turtle release, Puerto Vallarta

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  • Vannesa Gallucci
    April 1, 2014 6:25 pm

    Eco-tourism can be reason enough to come to Mexico. From whale watching to fun jungle exploration, there are more than one ways to get close to nature. When planning though make sure you get Mexican insurance to make the most of your trip.

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