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Señor Mex says: If you want to find authentic regional Mexican specialties in the U.S., you may have to search long and far. In this article, the author had nearly given up the search for Veracruz style tamales, tamales rancheros.

Veracruz involves a lot of driving time from any border crossing point in mainland Mexico. However, border communities can provide you with additional points for finding regional fare. Whether you are looking for Veracruz tamales or Oaxacan mole, consider cities like Tijuana, Rosarito and Mexicali as potential culinary goldmines. You will need to make sure that you have Mexican car insurance from before you cross into Mexico. Once you are there, you may find many additional regional favorites that you never realized existed. Somehow, Mexican comfort foods seem to take on an additional comfort characteristic because of the fact that they are served against the backdrop of sights, sounds and smells of Mexican surroundings. Starting October 1, 2013 all drivers on Highways and freeways must have Mexican car insurance from or be fined.

When you visit the regions in question, you have many more opportunities to experience these rich and comforting flavors. In fact, you might become a little spoiled by developing distinct preferences. Still, visiting Veracruz to enjoy regional fare is a great way to become spoiled.

Los Angeles Magazine article:

The regional cuisine of the Mexican state of Vera Cruz has hardly existed in Los Angeles. You’ll occasionally catch a token slot on a menu for pescado a la veracruzana, or Vera Cruz-style fish, made famous for its inclusion in cookbooks on both sides of the border.

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Mexican car insurance from
Veracruz-Style Tamales Rancheros

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  • Real tacos normally come in five for each order. One of the best-loved foods in Mexico cuisines is real tacos. These tacos come with corn tortilla with salsa, lime, meat, onion and also with cheese.

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