Mexican auto insurance for Canadians – Driving Legally in Mexico

Mexican auto insurance for Canadians – Driving Legally in Mexico

As a Canadian, you may be used to a legal system that relies on a presumption of innocence. However, forgetting your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians as you travel to Mexico will not be considered an innocent mistake by foreign authorities. It is important to understand that your need for Mexican insurance for Canadians is not a suggestion but a requirement of Mexican law. Napoleonic law is much different from the English Common Law that is familiar in the United States and Canada, and having an accident without appropriate Mexican car insurance for Canadians can leave you in serious legal trouble.

Legal Benefits with Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadians

With proper coverage, your Mexican insurance for Canadians provides you with certain legal benefits that you would otherwise have to secure and pay for on your own. In an at-fault accident, legal guidance and assistance is provided through your coverage. You will be provided with instructions about how to proceed, and you will have access to bilingual support so that you can understand what is going on. It is a misconception that Mexican authorities go easy on foreigners, especially in cases of serious infractions. Even if you aren’t at fault in an accident, you should be aware that an automobile accident is considered at the felony level. Additionally, guilt is presumed under Napoleonic law, meaning that you must prove your innocence. Do you really want to face such a situation without help? Can you afford to secure reliable bilingual help?

Legal Responsibilities

Your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians allows you to meet financial obligations if you are in an accident that causes serious damage or death to a Mexican citizen. You need to be aware of the state-by-state benefits due to survivors in case of a third-party fatality incident, and you should opt for higher limits to ensure that other damages are covered as well. If you are in an accident that causes death or damages and don’t have Mexican car insurance for Canadians, you are expected to pay from your own resources. If this isn’t possible, you could find yourself incarcerated for a significant period of time. It’s wise to avoid such a situation by securing enough Mexican auto insurance for Canadians before you cross the border into the country.

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  • Nila Kenworthy
    November 27, 2014 4:17 pm

    There are updated road logs in Mexico. They are easy to read and follow and offering clients the best solution when travelling. I have seen them and they are best in providing me guidance. Thank you for Mexican Insurance Store which has given me road logs update.

  • Misha Gatchell
    July 3, 2015 6:31 pm

    Don’t drive recklessly across the border. It could mean being going to jail if you get caught in an accident without Mexican auto insurance.

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