Mexico auto insurance by & fishing

Mexico auto insurance by & fishing

If you are looking for a spot in Mexico to learn sport fishing, Baja offers many locations within a few hours’ drive. You can get your Mexican auto insurance by quickly so you can concentrate on other details as you ready yourself for your adventure. It’s helpful to research fishing companies ahead of time as many experienced guides are available to offer a successful experience. With high-quality car insurance for Mexico from, you can check out a variety of destinations on the coast of the peninsula. Mexico auto insurance by is required for highway travel in Mexico.

Pacific locations

There are numerous options on the Pacific side of Baja. If you only have a little time available, Rosarito Beach is only 20 miles down the road. Just south of the border, the area was once a popular destination for those who like to fish from shore. In recent years, a sport fishing pier was constructed, providing more than one-fourth of a mile of fishing space. Look for perch, bass and other gamefish.

Ensenada offers many charters if you want to stay in a bigger city. Only an hour from the Tijuana crossing, the city is charming. If you prefer a more remote experience, however, you can take advantage of the San Quintín area. Small fishing outfits provide a personalized experience based on your own fishing interests. You can tell the captain what kind of fish you are looking to catch ahead of time, and he’ll take you to where they are located.

Mexico auto insurance by is now required!

Northern Baja destinations allow you to streamline your car insurance for Mexico from What does that mean exactly? For example, liability limits need to be much greater if you head to Baja del Sur than if you stay in Baja Norte. You will also appreciate the well-traveled highway that allows you easy access to help if you break down en route. It’s important to keep in mind that you do have access to emergency assistance through your Mexico auto insurance by if you break down or have a lockout. Off-road driving, however, is not covered by your car insurance for Mexico from

Baja is a fantastic place to fall in love with Mexican sport fishing. It’s very easy to go on a trip for the first time, have a blast and plan on heading to other destinations. However, many return to Baja Norte year after year because of the enjoyment they find in the fishing opportunities there.

Mexico auto insurance by gives you peace of mind!

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  • Brent Badalamenti
    January 18, 2014 9:26 pm

    There are various amazing sport fishing places in Baja where you can easily drive to provided you have a valid Mexican car insurance.

  • Beulah Strothers
    January 20, 2014 5:04 pm

    Mexico has plenty of locations where you can enjoy sport fishing alongside a myriad of other aquatic adventures. The only thing is you will need Mexican auto insurance to drive to such locations without being stopped by officials.

  • There are various amazing sport fishing places in Baja where you can easily drive to provided you have a valid Mexican insurance.

  • Cherish Baranowski
    December 9, 2014 4:20 pm

    Mexican law states that only licensed Mexico insurance companies can give the right car insurance coverage. I know I got it right when I bought my insurance from Mexican Insurance Store.

  • You must check the state’s Mexican laws where you want to drive. Why? Because it influences the cost of Mexico auto insurance that you will be using.

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