Mexican auto insurance at and Shopping Tips in Mexico

Mexican auto insurance at shopping tips

Busy roads during fall and winter holidays can be frustrating, and the same can be true in Mexico. No matter how busy Mexican traffic is, your need for Mexican auto insurance at during your travels is constant.However, Mexican celebrations tend to be timed a little differently, meaning that your awareness could help in your planning. For example, the American Thanksgiving holiday isn’t celebrated in Mexico, meaning that traffic isn’t significantly greater for the long weekend. Christmas travel in the region tends to follow the holiday rather than precede it.  Whether you encounter a minor incident or are involved in a major collision, lack of Mexico insurance from is a recipe for trouble.

Holiday shopping activity

While shopping won’t be as intense in Mexican stores on the day after Thanksgiving, the seasonal activity will be more intense than usual. You’ll find that open-air markets are more crowded. Mexican malls will be more active as well. If you head south of the border to do some of your Christmas shopping, be sure that you are especially watchful around the flea markets and other outdoor shopping areas. A pedestrian incident is just as serious as a car accident, and you will have a huge problem if your car insurance for Mexico from isn’t up-to-date.

Mexican auto insurance at is required!

When you purchase your car insurance for Mexico from online, you will be able to print out proof of coverage right away. It’s sensible to print a backup copy to keep in your possession so that you can access details if you are away from the vehicle. Accidents can happen during your driving, but they can also occur while you are away from your car. The steep hills of Tijuana can be a prime example, posing the risk of serious trouble if your parking brake fails. Your Mexican auto insurance at is going to be important in such an incident.

If you expect to make several shopping trips into Mexico during the season, then you may want to evaluate the benefits of long-term car insurance for Mexico from This will allow you to have coverage in place so that you can just head across the border without inconvenient coverage purchases. You may find that you will spend even more time in the area if you invest in long-term Mexican auto insurance at

Mexican auto insurance at will protect you in an accident!

Mexican auto insurance at
Plaza Satélite shopping mall, Mexico City

Shopping Tips in Mexico

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  • Lavette Alberson
    May 26, 2014 3:54 pm

    When you are leaving Mexico, be sure to update your coverage plan to Mexico insurance or else you will be fined with criminal charges.

  • Leonila Cordova
    October 7, 2015 6:07 pm

    Some shops you deal with in Mexico are capable of shipping goods bought elsewhere, provided you buy some items from them. Regardless of how high the traffic is, your Mexican auto insurance will keep your mind peaceful.

  • You are not likely to run into a situation where you have to regret not buying stuff for your baby back in the States because there are huge malls in Mexico stocked with international brands. What you should not forget having is your Mexico insurance cover.

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