Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store & Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is a great opportunity to turn a normal weekend into a long getaway as you venture south of the border for a few days. Whether you head into a Baja location like Rosarito or Ensenada or whether you aim for a Sonoran beach resort in Rocky Point, your Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store can save you time at the border while providing you with important benefits that many border policies lack. Get Mexico car insurance with Mexican Insurance to be sure that you have an authentic policy that covers all major points of need for your travels.

Remember, Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store is required!

One of the nice things about a short trip is that your vehicle coverage can be very affordable. Your direction will determine the limits you should choose when you check out Mexico car insurance with Mexican Insurance If you travel to a Sonoran destination, for example, you may be able to opt for lower limits because the death benefit in the state is much lower than in most Mexican states. However, keep in mind that a fatal accident in which multiple decedents are killed can cause those costs to increase dramatically. Additionally, your coverage needs to address damages to another motorist’s vehicle. Don’t skimp on your coverage. Although you might get by without issue, an accident without enough Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store could be devastating. If you head to a Baja destination, remember that recommended limits are significantly higher. A death can result in more than $160,000 being due to the dependents of a decedent. It’s important to study the figures provided when you get Mexico car insurance with Mexican Insurance

Policy benefits

In addition to covering your obligations, your policy also provides legal help, roadside assistance and medical emergency help. If your trip is interrupted because of a problem, for example, you can get home again. If you have a blowout on Highway 1 en route to Ensenada, you can contact the provider number for roadside assistance. These features are included free of charge in your Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store, making it a valuable resource for more than just accident issues during your long weekend.

Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store gives you peace of mind, so you can drive around Mexico without worry!

Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

Baja highway road


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  • I enjoy Veteran’s day by being adventurous. Mountaineering, racing and scuba diving are my favorite times while down south in Mexico. Ensure that you have Mexico insurance for your safety.

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