Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store Travel tips!

Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store and Travel Tips

Forgetting to buy your Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store could have serious implications as you cross into Mexicali. Mexican insurance for US cars is available, but buying at the wrong spot without enough information can leave you in a bind if you have an accident. If you do have an accident in Mexico, who will you call for help? Do you have a U.S. agent who will help you through the process of dialing an unfamiliar contact number in a foreign country? Finding Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance is more than a matter of purchasing an inconvenient product. It’s an investment in knowledgeable service and quality protection.

Now that I have Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store, what happens if I get in a wreck?

An accident is unnerving in any country. However, in a foreign setting, you will deal with officials who may not necessarily speak clear English. Additionally, the system of Napoleonic law can be scary. All parties may be detained until the details get sorted out. If you are responsible, you could be held in jail for a lengthy period of time, especially if you neglected to get Mexican insurance for US cars. If you did buy your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance, but didn’t pay attention to limits, you could still face trouble. Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store is provided in a variety of limit amounts so that you can decide on the coverage that best fits your travel plans. Fatalities in Baja can lead to the responsible driver owing more than $150,000 per fatality. Keep your documents accessible so that you can prove your ability to pay and so that you can get the help you need from an agent. The Mexican Insurance Store staff are prepared, answering the phone seven days per week to help customers.

Reporting damages

If you select a liability-only policy, your own damages won’t be covered. It’s important to consider the potential for issues like theft and vandalism in addition to actual accidents. You can experience damage to your parked vehicle while you are busy, and liability only Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store will leave you with little help. Your Mexican insurance for US cars can be compared for a thorough understanding of coverage differences. Additionally, you can look for enhanced products that include issues like vandalism.

 Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store will protect you from accidents and other peril!


Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store
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