Mexican Auto Insurance and Documents for Mexican Weddings

It’s important to keep your travel plans in focus so that you don’t forget critical paperwork. You need to do this as you get a head start on planning a destination wedding in Mexico. A wedding has plenty of details to manage as is. However, foreign travel combined with a wedding can make it easy to miss important details. Mexico auto insurance is important for any foreigner driving in Mexico. Research costs and options for Mexican auto insurance early on in your planning process. Mexican authorities now require Mexican Auto Insurance for travel on highways in Mexico.

Mexican auto insurance

Wedding Travel Documents

You will need your Mexican Auto Insurance as proof of financial responsibility if you are involved in any type of accident. You can easily print your documents for Mexico auto insurance from your home office. This way you are preparing ahead of time. If changes in your plans arise, your car insurance can be adjusted or cancelled prior to your policy’s start date.

Prepare Additional Documents

Additional document issues to consider include:

  • Passports – all foreign visitors to Mexico will need a valid passport or passport card to return to the U.S. Driving across the border without a passport is a big mistake and could create some serious delays in your ability to get home.
  • Marriage licenses – you will find that dealing with public offices in Mexico can be confusing and time-consuming. Indeed, this is unlike getting a marriage license at home. It’s wise to work with a wedding coordinator to learn how to have a legal Mexican wedding. Moreover, the government recognizes marriages performed in a civil setting. And ceremonial weddings are more for symbolism than legality. It requires, time, health tests and money to complete the formal ceremony before following up with a themed wedding.
  • Contracts – if you are working with a wedding coordinator in the country, you will want to bring copies of your contracts or other agreements. This is so that you can check for details as you make the final arrangements for the big event.

Your time in the country just prior to the symbolic ceremony includes the need to get around from location to location. This is what usually happens as you are completing the tests and paperworks. Make sure that your Mexican Auto Insurance is intact for your entire time in the country.

Mexican Auto Insurance by Mexican Insurance

Mexico Weddings

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  • Freddie Gwynn
    June 19, 2014 5:33 pm

    Mexico is a superb place for couples to get married or finding a decent wedding location if you have good money. Be well researched for such as accommodation etc. Make sure you’ve got the best Mexican insurance package, however in case of forgot, go online its fast.

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