Master the Art of the Mexican Border – Mexican insurance top-rated coverage

Mexican insurance top-rated coverage
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Mexican insurance top-rated coverage – Master the Art of the Mexican Border

Statistically, border traffic into Mexico by tourists has increased by approximately 35 percent over the last year, making border crossings potentially more busy for those who travel by vehicle. As you face the masses, you will want to be prepared both on your entry and exit. Mexican insurance top-rated coverage from Mexican Insurance Store won’t get you through the border any quicker, but it can save you delays as you approach. With your selection of Mexican insurance online, you can bypass the border shacks and save precious time as you head for your destination. This is one of the first important steps to mastering the border. Following are some more. Mexican insurance top-rated coverage is vital, as it is now required in order to drive on any Federal highway in Mexico.

  • Know your route – even if you are new to driving in Mexico, a good review of your route in advance can help to minimize distractions as you cross the border, especially if you reach the border at a very active time. Siri or your GPS may help by giving you play-by-play instructions in traffic, but having a good idea in mind ahead of time may help you to avoid taking wrong exits or rear-ending a Mexican motorist.
  • Get your tourist visa – although the FMM is not technically a visa, it is a permission to travel beyond the tourist corridor if your trip will take you that far. It is also required if you will be in Mexico for more than 72 hours. Research your border area and identify the visa office as you cross through the border.
  • Be prepared for heavy traffic on your return. If your travel is a one-time visit, you may not want to invest in options like Sentri passes. However, some border zone hotels may offer fast passes, making it worthwhile to inquire before securing reservations. This may allow you to bypass a line that takes hours to reach the border.
  • Smart apps – look for options like the Best Time to Cross the Border, an app available in Google Play. This may help you to plan your exit more accurately.

From border crossing to border crossing, your Mexican insurance top-rated coverage is important for safeguarding you in case of an accident. Mexican insurance top-rated coverage from Mexican Insurance Store also protects you in case you are stranded or have a vehicle emergency. Research your Mexican insurance online for the best features and purchase Mexican insurance top-rated coverage before you leave.

Mexican insurance top-rated coverage from Mexican Insurance Store comes with roadside assistance, legal, bail bond and US repair

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