Making a Solo Trip After a Summer Outreach in Mexico – Mexico Insurance Options with

Mexico insurance options with – Making a Solo Trip After a Summer Outreach in Mexico

If you’ve just returned from a summer service outreach in Mexico, you may love the idea of returning on your own to help at an orphanage, church or other community project. While this is a great way to enhance your relationship with area ministries and community members, it is important to plan carefully to protect yourself as you travel. Of course, Mexico insurance options with is important so that you comply with the law while you are in the country. It may be beneficial to select a long-term Mexican insurance policy if you expect to make frequent trips. Quality Mexico insurance options with exceed the new requirements for travel on highways in Mexico.  A valid Mexican insurance policy is now required for legal travel on all highways in Mexico.

Differences Between Group and Personal Service Trips

When you travel in a caravan or group, you do have some protection due to the number of vehicles involved. A one-vehicle trip can be a little more risky if your car is older. You may want to consider a rental if your own car isn’t reliable. However, if you will rent each time you travel, you will need to get a different Mexican insurance policy each time because it is unlikely that you will have the same rental vehicle on each trip. If your own vehicle is reliable enough for Mexico travel, you will still need to consider the potential for anything from a lockout to a flat tire. Mexico insurance options with offer roadside assistance for these issues at no additional charge, ensuring that you can get help even on a solo trip.

For safety reasons, it is wise to restrict your travel to daylight hours. This will help you to avoid any breakdowns in remote areas during low activity periods. Additionally, lighting is much more limited on Mexican highways and in towns, meaning that you could encounter obstacles like debris from storms, stray animals or other issues without great visibility. You will also want to be aware that motorists don’t always perform meticulous maintenance for issues like headlights that have burned out.

Accommodations, Provisions and Mexico Insurance Options with

Travel with groups often includes access to the dorms used by a church or orphanage for such activity. Your options may be different on a solo trip. You will want to evaluate area hotels as you plan for such a travel event. You may also have different options with food because group trips often allow for the use of cooking facilities. More eating out could expose you to greater risk of medical issues. Fortunately, your Mexico insurance options with does make provisions for return travel if a serious illness arises. Still, be aware of the conditions at eating establishments.

Mexico insurance options with include roadside assistance throughout Mexico at no additional cost.

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  • Vicenta Siddall
    December 1, 2014 4:40 pm

    I used to be afraid while driving. Probably, because I had no enough protection on the road. But after purchasing Mexico insurance, my fears have left me. I can focus my eyes more on my wheels and my mind feels peaceful. My car insurance has made a huge difference in my driving.

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