Looking for a Calm and Soothing New Year’s Eve? Try Mexico and Mexican Insurance

The Inland Empire may not be your preferred setting for ushering in the New Year. With Mexican insurance policy for tourists, you can head south before the clock strikes midnight to enjoy a more laid back holiday. Get your Mexico auto insurance coverage in just a few minutes’ time! Then pack your passport and head to the border for some great food and a calmer pace.

Winery vineyards at Ensenada, Mexico

What should you expect?

As New Year’s Eve falls in the middle of the week this year, you may wonder what to expect in terms of traffic. A long weekend is appealing to many, but you may find that most of the activity centers on bigger cities. You can take your chances by seeking a hotel on a whim, or you can research online for a resort with New Year’s Eve vacancies. Ensenada, Rosarito, and Tijuana are popular destinations throughout the year. A little farther south, the San Quintín Valley offers a low-key setting with beautiful beaches and mom-and-pop hotels. You can also travel in an RV for a beachfront celebration.

Be sure that your Mexican auto coverage reflects your plans and your travel situation. If you travel by RV and tow recreational goods such as ATVs, be sure to include the towed items. If you tow an extra vehicle for getting around, you will need a separate policy for the extra vehicle. Your plans will dictate your choices and the details are pretty easy to figure out once you generate a quote.

Planning for Your Departure

It’s easy to fall in love with the relaxed pace of Baja after such a busy holiday season in Southern California. You may decide to extend your stay for a few extra days, in which case be sure to update your coverage before leaving. Make sure your passports are easily accessible as you prepare to depart. Pro-tip: Use an app such as Best Time To Cross The Border to track wait times as you approach the border zone.

Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store comes with roadside assistance, repair in US and Mexico and legal

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  • Holidays in Mexico are crowded with people. Before leaving, first you must review your Mexican insurance to find out if it’s still valid. It’s a big headache if you drive to Mexico and found out later that it’s expired.

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