Mexican insurance for Chula Vista
Rosarito Beach on horseback

Head across the border with Mexican insurance for Chula Vista

The short drive from Chula Vista, California to Rosarito makes this a great option for getting away from home for a day or for a week. The close proximity of Rosarito makes it a fun spot for golf, horseback riding or beach time. You can also enjoy a variety of regional styles of Mexican food in this close-to-the-border location. Mexican insurance for Chula Vista, California is important so that you are covered according to the law as you go back and forth. Whether you visit for a single day or regularly, Mexican auto insurance for Chula Vista serves as proof of your ability to cover your financial obligations in case of a wreck. You may also find that travel benefits from your Mexican insurance for Santa Ana can be very helpful in unexpected emergencies. In order to drive legally on all highways in Mexico ypu need a valid Mexican insurance for Chula Vista policy.

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Getting to Rosarito from Chula Vista

You can reach the Tijuana border crossing by taking either I-5 or I-805 south. Your starting location may be the most important factor in deciding which of these options will work for you. The driving time for either route is approximately 45 minutes with the latter 15 to 20 minutes occurring in Mexico. After you cross the border into Tijuana, you will watch for the signs indicating the Carretera Federal 1, Mexican Highway 1. This will take you the last 11 miles of the trip to Rosarito. You can also watch for Carretera Federal 1D, a route that will take you through Playas de Tijuana and along the coast to Rosarito.

Make sure you buy Mexican insurance for Chula Vista before leaving! If you don’t have Mexican auto insurance for Chula Vista, you aren’t allowed to drive on the toll highways.

What’s in Rosarito?

If you enjoy golf, you can enjoy outings at Real Del mar or Bajamar golf resorts in the Rosarito area. Both courses include hotel accommodations, enabling you to stay and play. You can look into horseback riding or camel tours of the beach area. Development is contemporary and appealing, making this a great affordable retreat from the hectic pace of Southern California.

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Because your residence in this California border city is so close to Rosarito, long-term Mexican insurance for Santa Ana is an ideal investment for regular travel plans. You should update your coverage if you use a different vehicle since each Mexican auto insurance for Chula Vista policy is written for a specific California vehicle.

Mexican auto insurance for Chula Vista provides you with peace of mind! 

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  • Being a resident of Chula Vista, crossing over to Tijuana and Rosarita is almost my monthly ritual. I find annual Mexican insurance policy to be the most economical for a frequent traveler like me.

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