Is it unpatriotic to spend the 4th of July in Mexico? Find out with Mexico auto insurance at

Mexico auto insurance at
4th of July, Cabo San Lucas

If you are worried that friends and neighbors will criticize you for spending the 4th in a different country, relax. Mexico is a warm and receptive nation, and summer is the ideal time to visit. If your schedule is allowing you to travel during the 4th of July weekend, why not make the most and head south? You may not see stars and stripes or massive fireworks displays, but you can explore or relax without facing those back-home crowds. Be sure that your Mexico auto insurance at covers the full time of your trip. If plans change, you will need to log onto your account and adjust your Mexican car insurance from from a Wi-Fi hot spot or from an Internet café.

Finding accommodations

If you are just now beginning to plan your 4th of July in Mexico, you may be concerned about the availability of a hotel. Mom-and-pop spots may be available near your destination, and you will have to wait until you reach the area to find out if there is room. You may find some spots that offer reservations or contact information online. You could also check out home rentals online as some vacation rental sites provide options for Mexican communities. Remember that the flow of American tourists will be greatest near the border. The more rural you go, the less likely it will be that hotels are out of space.

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Finding things to do

Your destination will determine what activities are available. Larger towns offer shopping, museums, and other attractions. Smaller communities may be attractive because of nature. Time at the ocean or sea may be your interest. Small markets can be a lot of fun. Culinary experiences are also popular reasons for visiting Mexico. If your travel time is limited, you may simply want to reach a destination and relax. If you can’t imagine the 4th of July without fireworks, check in at a dulcería to see if cuetes are available.

In case you were wondering, Mexico auto insurance at covers all of Mexico.

Mexico auto insurance at basics

You do need Mexican car insurance from with a limit that meets the standards for the states you will visit. Your Mexico auto insurance at should be enough based on the fatality benefits to survivors in the area. As you research Mexican car insurance from, you will find these recommendations provided so that you can plan appropriately.

Mexico auto insurance at gives you peace of mind!

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