Affordable Auto Insurance for Mexico and Enjoying the Baja Beaches!

Affordable Auto Insurance for Mexico and Enjoying the Baja Beaches!

While winter is the best time to see whales in Baja, you may want to enjoy the sea as you check out some of the beaches for sea lions, turtles, and dolphins during your summer travel. Whether you have the luxury of a couple of weeks for driving and exploring the peninsula or whether you only have a few days to spend, you can soak up the sun, enjoy fantastic food, and relax in the tranquility of the rural beaches. It would be best to buy affordable auto insurance for Mexico before heading into Baja. The requirement for Mexican insurance for travelers applies to both citizens and foreigners. The right affordable auto insurance for Mexico will provide you with peace of mind as you travel.

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Northern Baja towns with nearby beaches

There are lots of options as you travel. If you want to get right to the beach, Rosarito is only 20 minutes south of the border. If you wish to a spot off the beaten path, look for areas near Santo Tomás, just a little bit south of Ensenada. The beaches of San Quintín are beautiful and relaxing, just five hours south of the border. You are more prone to fender benders in areas close to the border, and your insurance for Mexico is necessary as proof of your ability to pay if you are involved.

Rural highway areas are more prone to issues because of road damage, narrow travel lanes, and lack of guard rails. Don’t drive distracted. You are also more apt to experience a breakdown on these lonely road sections. Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance includes assistance features so that you can get help with your car trouble. If you are taking your four-wheelers or boat, make sure that you have affordable auto insurance for Mexico for all towed items.

Mexican insurance for travelers and Southern Baja

The drive to Cabo San Lucas is long but exciting. There are lots of towns and beaches along the way. Check out historical sites, churches, and mines as you go. If you need extra time to see it all, log onto your account to buy additional coverage. Check out the travel supplements with affordable Auto Insurance for Mexico as well.

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How To Afford a Mexican Vacation with Mexican Insurance Online!

Affordable auto insurance for Mexico will provide you with the coverage you need!


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Southern Baja Scenery – The Road To Cabo


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