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Mexican insurance for autos at – Planning a fishing trip 

While the  tourist season for Mexico is drawing to a close, this may be a great chance to fit in a fishing trip south of the border. You could bring your own gear along and try to find a fishing spot in Baja or in another coastal area. Or, there are many fishing charters that can provide you with everything you need. Invest in authentic Mexican insurance for autos at so you can be sure that you are covered in an accident or roadside emergency. If you decide to take your own boat, remember to include it on your Mexico car insurance from

Finding a charter

If you’ve never been fishing in Mexico, you may want to start with some online research to track down the best companies. Some simply display prices, pictures of boats and random ads. Others provide information about the species that are in season through different months of the year.

Mexican insurance for autos at is specific about what you can and can’t do across the border. For example, Mexico car insurance from does not cover accidents off-road. In addition to a Better Business Bureau record and state license information, Mexican insurance for autos at offers extensive information about your coverage options.

Get to know the community

While your focus may be on this current fishing trip, your travel provides you with the opportunity to make connections with locals. For example, you may learn more about the best fishing times and conditions by asking those who have been in the fishing charter business for many years. You will find tmany of the companies that cater to English speakers have staff and guides who can communicate effectively in English.

You need Mexican insurance for autos at!

Because Mexico car insurance from is required for legal driving in Mexico, you may assume that all coverage is the same. It isn’t However, it is wise to take time to understand the benefits and limitations of Mexican insurance at you plan to travel extensively.

Mexican insurance for autos at gives you peace of mind! 

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