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Señor Mex says: Whether you are an art student looking to enjoy an exhibit or whether you are looking for some unique sites to visit on your tour of Baja, consider enjoying the art of Ensenada graduate students.

You’ll find that indigenous people groups have settled in many agricultural areas in Baja, coming to the peninsula as migrant workers. With the right Mexico insurance from, you can explore at your own pace. Larger communities like San Quintín, Vicente Guerrero and San Vicente may provide you with the opportunity to find indigenous crafts for sale at parks or in marketplaces. You may also find options available in border regions. You now need Mexico insurance from in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Although a display in Riverside, Ensenada’s sister city, is currently underway, you can explore the options as you research your Baja travels so that you can include the CEARTE Art Center in your trip stops. You may want to check out the Riverside exhibit now as you prepare for your trip as the display includes special ceramic works from an indigenous community, the Paipai, living near Ensenada. This is part of a project devoted to establishing means for indigenous peoples of Baja to sell their arts and crafts.

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The Press-Enterprise article:

The Riverside Community Arts Association has organized an exhibit by artists from UC Riverside along with artworks by graduate art students from the University of Baja California, which is in Riverside’s sister city, Ensenada, Mexico.

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