Hurricanes on a Mexican Vacation – Car Insurance for Mexico

Summer is the ideal time for many individuals to plan their vacations, but the weather can occasionally throw these plans out of kilter. Hurricane season in the Eastern Pacific is effective from May 15 through November 30, making it essential for those visiting Baja or coastal states in the southern part of the mainland to be aware of any severe storms. The Atlantic season begins June 1, and ends November 30. And this can pose problems for those visiting areas such as Cancún, Veracruz, and other coastal states along the Atlantic. If your plans need to change, you can adjust your car insurance for Mexico before the start date of your coverage. If your return home is delayed, you can select additional Mexican car insurance online with your smartphone or a computer with a wireless connection.

Staying safe during hurricane season means staying informed.

With today’s technology, it’s easy to find weather information related to major tropical storms that could become hurricanes. Although the path of such a system isn’t entirely predictable, computer models allow for excellent awareness. At times you may have a reservation at a swank hotel in an active tourist zone. In that case, you can keep in mind the experiences of others who have dealt with inconveniences. Pay special attention to those who experienced hurricanes actually striking land in the towns they visited. It may be wise to consider traveling on or returning home early. Indeed, you should stay put if there is a severe concern about a severe storm reaching your area. However, please don’t rely on the advice of locals without comparing their opinions to the weather models available online.

Pro Tip: Authorities require car insurance for Mexico across the border, so pick up Mexican car insurance online before leaving!

Online technology helps with car insurance for Mexico too.

Your Mexican car insurance online makes it easy to find the best coverage for your trip. It can be  based on the types of benefits that you are most interested in. However, you can compare comprehensive car insurance for Mexico with a basic policy. This is to determine whether there is a significant pricing disparity. Often, the broader policy will be pretty reasonable, especially in light of the additional benefits offered. One of the most important benefits of this coverage is the provision for your damages to be covered in the event of a motor vehicle accident.

Car insurance for Mexico from gives you peace of mind!



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  • Latonya Peace
    April 27, 2016 5:51 pm

    Some years can pass-by with no or little hurricane activity in Mexico, but other years can result to a sequence of hurricanes in quick series and with varying force.

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