Guide To Driving Courtesies in Mexico

Mexico auto insurance coverage in Mexico is more than a courtesy – it is the law. If you cross into the country without reliable Mexico insurance, you could face some inconveniences if you have an emergency on the road. An accident could be even more serious, not only because of damages that might be suffered but also because of the potential legal implications of ignoring the law. Although Mexicans are very cordial and courteous in their interactions, a confrontation with a law officer over a lack of coverage during an accident could be rather harsh.

Driving courtesies that might confuse

As you travel on the open highway, you might find the unusual use of lights and blinkers to be confusing. This is especially true if your path appears to be pretty straightforward. However, an understanding of these scenarios will help you be a bit more relaxed if you face such situations.

  • Left blinker from the car ahead: If there isn’t a spot for a left turn, then this is an indication of a clear path for passing. Inspect to make sure that you really have read the indicator information correctly before passing.
  • Left blinker from the car following you: A driver following closely might want to pass, in which case, they might use their left blinker as a guide to their intent. You can respond by turning your blinker on to indicate that it is safe to pass.
  • Oncoming driving flashing headlights: This may show a problem ahead. It could be as simple as a damaged road or other obstacles, or it could indicate a serious accident. Proceed with caution.

Driving Guide Tip: Mexico Auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store is required to drive the toll roads, so buy Mexico insurance ahead of time!

A Guide to Using Your Mexico Auto insurance Coverage from Mexican Insurance Store

You will want to access information from your Mexico insurance. This is very useful if you get stranded because of car trouble as you drive. You may also use it for contacting the emergency assistance hotline. They included this information in the documentation from your Mexico auto insurance coverage. As you contact the number, your Mexico insurance representative will guide you regarding details for emergency roadside assistance. If your vehicle cannot drive, a tow truck can deliver your vehicle to the nearest town for repair. 

Mexico  Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store provides peace of mind to Mexico travelers!



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