Group Getaways to Rocky Point Mexico

If you are trying to plan a fun vacation for a large group, you may want to consider Rocky Point as an exotic but convenient option. A group vacation in a foreign setting can be expensive, but the proximity of Rocky Point to the Arizona-Mexico border makes it a fantastic choice with lots of activities and amenities. Mexican insurance for group getaways is important for driving legally in the country. Your Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point needs may vary based on how your group will get to its destination. Remember that each vehicle needs its own car insurance.

Group getaway in Mexico

Caravan or Carpool?

A caravan approach to group travel can be beneficial for several reasons. Each driver maintains some level of independence once you reach your destination. Those who want to explore can break off from the group as they desire during the trip. A caravan is also great if some members of your party will need to leave sooner. Additionally, taking multiple vehicles is helpful if someone has vehicle trouble on the road. The buddy system makes it possible for someone to go for help if there is a breakdown. Just remember that every vehicle requires Mexican insurance for group getaways.

Carpooling may or may not be feasible. The vehicles available and the number of people traveling will determine whether this is an option. Many groups travel into Mexico with large-capacity vans that people rent at the border. This may offer to solve the logistical issues if you want to keep your group together. Furthermore, you can obtain Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point after the rental details are completed. You’ll also want to be sure that your Mexican insurance for group getaways to Rocky Point includes roadside assistance so that you can get help in the event of a breakdown.

Mexican insurance for group getaways

Recreational Equipment

If you are planning to tow ATVs or a trailer with group supplies, you will need to add the towed items to your Mexican insurance for group getaways. Be aware that any vehicle that may do the towing needs to include the items to be towed on its Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point. This will cover your group’s needs if the primary towing vehicle has a breakdown or if an unexpected change occurs.

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  • Hilde Simmonds
    November 5, 2014 4:34 pm

    Group getaways are fun to have especially in Mexico where social fabric is still strong. Nonetheless, don’t forget that risks don’t lessen just because you are in a group. Take Mexican insurance and be safe.

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