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Fall weather can be beautiful, perfect for exploring the open-air settings of a Mexican market. Whether you scour the sobreruedas, ferris wheels, of Tijuana or the globos, balloons, of other Baja Norte towns, be sure that you are driving legally Mexican border insurance by Mexican Insurance Store. The best markets are often thriving centers of commerce in small communities, and your Mexico insurance online for tourists is handy for more than just accident protection.

The open-air market in Mexico

Shop Like a Local

You’ll find a good mix of new and used merchandise at a Mexican flea market. In many communities, a market is only open on one or two days of the week. Therefore, you may need to ask around to learn about market days and locations in a community. You’ll often find that there are weekday markets in certain locations and weekend markets in others. Once you know your days, times, and destinations, you can spend some time exploring and getting to know the types of products and the best deals.

Segunda merchandise, second-hand products, are typically abundant, and south of the border is a unique source of interesting treasures. You can also track down new clothing, shoes, dishes, and utensils in such markets. Of course, food is a major part of the experience, making the flea market a great place to try fruity aguas, flavored waters, and tacos, tortas, or tamales.

Planning Your Travel With Mexican border insurance Services

Weekday markets in border communities may provide you with the easiest border crossing prospects. Going south on a weekday morning is much less stressful than battling tourist traffic on the weekend. Similarly, a weekday exit is typically much less intense. Your Mexican car insurance needs to be effective even if you are only making a short trip across. A minor accident can be a big deal if you crash into the wrong vehicle.

Mexican Border Insurance

Your Insurance Protects You

Without Mexican car insurance, you could end up facing serious challenges with officers. In case of a serious accident, you might face legal problems and costs that your Mexican Border Insurance would have covered. If you are considering frequent travel to markets and Mexican shops, long-term Mexico insurance online for tourists is a great way to keep your overall costs down over the course of the year.

Mexico insurance online for tourists from Mexican Insurance Store comes with FREE Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.


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  • Dalene Collison
    February 10, 2015 4:28 pm

    I love visiting open-air markets in Tijuana. It is the best way I get to mingle while sampling the best of items. I always ensure I have Mexican auto insurance policy just in case.

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