Escape the heat with Mexican insurance for Tuscon

Mexican insurance for Tuscon
Turquoise ocean, Rocky Point

With sweltering weather in the Southwest, a trip across the border may not seem like a great idea. However, you may be surprised to find that the Rocky Point forecast often offers cooler conditions than those in Tucson. While Rocky Point is probably the closest spot for a water-themed getaway, there are also some additional areas in Mexico to consider for fun in the sun without the extreme heat. You do need to have Mexican insurance for Tuscon travelers if you will drive. Buying Mexican auto insurance for Tuscon online will get you started quickly, plus you don’t have to worry about stopping at the border. Buy Mexican insurance for Tuscon, then learn about Rocky Point below!

Pacific Ocean sites

Ensenada is a fantastic spot for cooling off if you really want a break from the heat. Daytime temperatures can be a bit warm through the summer months, but the conditions are typically much milder than those in Tucson. The cool ocean breeze in the evening makes the little bit of daytime warmth so worth the trip. Your drive from Tucson is mostly in the U.S. along I-10 and I-8. You will cross the border at Tecate and head down Mexican Highway 3, spending only about 1.5 hours of the nearly eight hour drive on Mexican roads. Keep in mind that although your time on Mexican highways is minimal, the law requires that you carry Mexican insurance for Tuscon. Failure to carry Mexican car insurance for Tucson may not create a problem as you cross the border, but it will be a serious issue if you have any type of accident.

Sea of Cortez locations

Rocky Point, also known as Puerto Peñasco, is a popular getaway throughout the year. You won’t have that same Pacific breeze, but the water does make the conditions attractive. You may also want to explore San Felipe on the Baja side of the Sea of Cortez. Both communities cater to expatriates and tourists from north of the border. Look for great food, lots of water and desert activities, and time to just relax in a peaceful culture.

Mexican insurance for Tuscon is also required on toll roads! 

Remember that your Mexican auto insurance for Tuscon needs to cover the entirety of your driving time in the country. If you decide to extend your stay, you may need to log into your Mexican car insurance for Tuscon to purchase additional coverage.

Mexican insurance for Tuscon gives you peace of mind!

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