Get a Little More Summer Out of Your Mexican Car Insurance

Mexican Car Insurance
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Get a Little More Summer Out of Your Mexican Car Insurance

If you’ve invested in a long-term Mexican car insurance, you might want to fit in just a bit more time across the border. With Labor Day falling late on the calendar this year, you have time to make that last surfing trip or that last fish taco run before the season changes. Of course, this is also the ideal time for a newcomer to discover the charm of the tourist zone. With Mexican auto insurance, you can move confidently beyond the immediate border area as you get to know more about the culture, cuisine, and attractions of Mexico.

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Where to spend the Labor Day Weekend

If you are familiar with a favorite area, you may be able to quickly decide where and how to spend your time south of the border. However, a long weekend is an open door for adventure, allowing you to drive just a little farther and explore just a little deeper. If you are spending your holiday in Ensenada, for example, you might want to head down to the beaches of San Quintín for an enjoyable time of relaxation without crowded conditions. The highway south of Ensenada is well-traveled, making it important to be aware of semis and other vehicles.

Is off-road driving covered by Mexican car insurance in Mexico?

Those who prefer the tourist feel of Rocky Point in Sonora may not want to drive much further south, but you may want to explore a new beach or do a little bit of four-wheeling. Off-road activity is not covered with your Mexican auto insurance, meaning that you will want to stay on recognized roads with your covered vehicle. If you bring or rent ATVs, your activities are your responsibility. An off-road accident in your primary vehicle could nullify your Mexican auto insurance.

Pro Tip: Mexican car insurance is now required for highway travel, so pick up Mexican auto insurance before taking off!

Sponsored events for tourists

Cities within the tourist corridor tend to offer some sponsored activities during holiday periods that are not otherwise observed in Mexico. Your Mexican auto insurance may allow you to check out music concerts, fishing tournaments, biking competitions, and other special events both during the Labor Day weekend and throughout the year. Additionally, you could use your policy to check out the September 16 celebration of Mexican independence.

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  • Sidney Avalos
    January 25, 2016 4:33 pm

    Mexico has always been a popular vacation spot for travelers and water sport fanatics people. While you may try to be as active as you can be, you may rather prefer a more laid-back travel experience. Whatever it is your Mexican auto insurance matters when driving.

  • A ferry ride over to Mexico’s Isla Mujeres is one of the traveller’s favourites. On this island you can hire a golf cart and start exploring the beautiful island. It would be an awesome experience.

  • Eleanora Richmond
    July 5, 2016 5:45 pm

    If you have your Mexico insurance, you can travel around the city to explore. It’s great to learn about their cuisine and the amazing destinations found only in Mexico.

  • Etha Aguirre
    July 6, 2016 5:30 pm

    Summer is almost here and while people are planning for a vacation, you should begin creating plans for summer activities. One of them is driving which, of course, requires Mexico insurance.

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