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Mexican auto insurance at
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Mexican auto insurance at – Gather Material for your Stand-Up Routine in Mexico

If you have dreamed of a career as a stand-up comedian, why not get your start by gathering material during a Mexican vacation? One of the best ways to get folks to laugh is to allow yourself to be the object of humor, and a foreign vacation provides all sorts of experiences to use as fuel for thought. Of course, your Mexican auto insurance at is not a good place to start. An accident without the right Mexican insurance for Nogales could leave you stuck writing your jokes from a Mexican jail cell. Consider the following five topics for your foreign humor stand-up routine. Mexican insurance for Nogales is needed to legally drive on highways in Mexico.

  1. Food – there are limitless situations that happen to tourists in foreign settings. Some of the funniest involve attempts to order in the unfamiliar tongue. Be careful that you don’t just point at another guy’s plate and ask for lo mismo – the same. You might end up with a taco full of brains, tongue or eyes.
  2. Restrooms – it’s important to take advantage of Pemex stations, even in cases involving less than stellar bathroom conditions. The next outhouse may be a two-seater or worse!
  3. Tijuana traffic – you need to have a bit of bravado and a sense of adventure when you reach the roundabout en route to the border. However, Mexican topes are the real wonderment of Mexican streets.
  4. Vocabulary – we’ve all been a little embarrassed by our efforts at new things, but don’t mistranslate your sentiment, especially if you are a guy. Stating that you are embarazado will draw plenty of laughs as the audience wonders when you are due. Yes, embarazada means pregnant, and avergonzado means embarrassed.
  5. Marketplace – you may want to try some delicious-looking treat at the open-air market. However, that ice pop that looks like a delicious mango concoction with strawberry may actually contain chile or chamoy, spicy Mexican condiments.

Mexican auto insurance at

Trying to buy your Mexican insurance for Nogales south of the border could provide a good chuckle if you are dealing in spanglish. However, the joke will be on you if you don’t have enough coverage and you are involved in an accident. Take preventive measures by working online to buy your Mexican auto insurance at before you leave home.

Mexican auto insurance at comes with Free Roadside Assistance.

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