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Mexican insurance policy from – Four Reasons to Avoid Night Driving in Mexico

Although some travelers will dismiss warnings about driving at night in Mexico, the reality is that there are several reasons to limit your automotive travel to daylight hours. Your Mexican insurance policy from is valid around the clock, and a driving problem at night will be equally covered as an incident during the day would be. Just because you have Mexico insurance doesn’t mean that you want to put it to use in an evening incident. Be aware of the following reasons for not driving at night if possible.

  1. Animal strikes – stray dog strikes are very common, especially during night driving. Aside from the fact that this could be upsetting, you could do serious damage to your vehicle in such an incident. Mexico landscapes do not use as much barber wire as in other countries. This leads to many very serious accidents with horses, cows and other animals.
  2. Unfamiliar territory – because you are driving in new areas, you may not be able to navigate with the same confidence you would have in a familiar area. One missed roadsign could result in a disoriented drive around a big city or in a remote community. Finding a safe place to get directions may be a little less likely in this situation as well. Even getting help for roadside trouble through your Mexican insurance policy from could be challenging if you aren’t able to give clear information about your location.
  3. Inattentive or inebriated motorists – your chances of dealing with motorist issues at night could be serious, especially if you encounter traffic in cities. A motorist could be neglectful of vehicle condition,driving with one or both headlights out and putting you and others at risk. You could also deal with drunk drivers in towns. It’s better to wait to drive when you have a better view of other vehicles.
  4. Unseen road conditions – some roads can be in poor condition, filled with potholes, debris or other issues. Guard rails may not meet the standards you are used to, making it tough to gauge safety at night.

Regardless of the timing of your driving, it is helpful to be sure that your Mexican insurance policy from provides sufficient coverage to address incidents involving other motorists or involving road conditions or stray animals. Your Mexico insurance does include roadside travel assistance as well as legal support if you are involved in a wreck.

Each Mexican insurance policy from policies comes with roadside assistance and legal at no additional cost.

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  • Clementina Eddington
    November 30, 2014 4:29 pm

    My Mexican auto insurance has made me realize the importance of insurance, especially that I drive my car mostly at night. It is riskier; however, I can’t avoid driving because I need to. My auto insurance will take care of my car.

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