Food Issues As You Travel in Mexico – Reliable Mexican Insurance Policy

Although you may hear stories of restaurants, having problems back home, the potential for getting sick while traveling may cause you to be especially cautious when you are in another country. You might waver between wanting to try the best foods and wanting to avoid Montezuma’s revenge. Your reliable Mexican insurance policy won’t help as you navigate the gastronomical options, but if it struck you with any serious illness that interrupts your trip, you may take advantage of supplemental tourist benefits included in your Mexican auto insurance online.

5 Fun quandaries related to eating in Mexico 

There are several decisions to make as you decide where to dine on a meal-by-meal basis. Some of these are:

  1. What kind of tortilla? Both corn and flour tortillas are easily accessible. Both are delicious, but you may not need much time to decide which option best suits your taste buds. Try both, and enjoy both pre-made and freshly made samples of each.
  2. What kind of taco? The options include beef, pork, chicken, and fish, but your deciding factor may be the condiments. A carne asada taco with ample guacamole is delicious, but a hot fish taco can be equally satisfying. The answer really waits to be discovered.
  3. What is there to eat besides tacos? You may fall in love with the taco stand, but you can’t stop there. Soups, sandwiches, and roasted chicken are some of the fast foods available. You’ll also want to try more exotic dishes like mango chicken and mole.
  4. Which paleta? Although all of the ice pops in the case of a Paletería Michoacan may seem yummy on sight, those laced with ribbons of red may surprise you as they include chile or chamoy.
  5. Street carts or sit-down restaurants? Be cautious with any mobile eateries. Monitor for good food-handling practices, and avoid anything that is even slightly questionable.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to pick up a reliable Mexican insurance policy before leaving, since Mexican auto insurance online is now required across the border.

Your Reliable Mexican Insurance Policy has medical support provisions!

Mexican auto insurance online won’t pay for your trip to a doctor or your stay in a hospital. However, your Mexican insurance policy will assist if medical evacuation is needed or if you are stranded and need a companion to join you as you fend off a grave illness.

Mexican auto insurance online from gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy your trip without worry!


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