Five Reasons to Visit Mexico Before Summer Ends – Mexican Insurance for Driving

As your kids reach the approximate midpoint of their summer vacation, you may wonder about an affordable getaway that will provide you all with a little relaxation before the season transitions. Many families imagine that the cost of a resort vacation in Mexico is out of range for the budget. However, you will find that some very affordable locations allow you to enjoy the nation’s beauty and culture without breaking the bank. You do need to have passports or passport cards to travel internationally. However, it would help if you also had Mexican insurance for driving.

Fortunately, a Mexican auto insurance policy for a quick trip can be very affordable. The following are five reasons to work in Mexico into your plans before summer vacation is over. Mexican insurance for driving is now required in order to travel on any highway in Mexico.

1. Educational value

Allowing your children to experience another culture’s social, culinary, and language influences for a brief time is an outstanding way to expand their worldview.

2. Affordability

Selecting a beach community in Baja or traveling in an RV can allow you to keep accommodation costs down as you stretch your budget without sacrificing the fun of a family vacation.

3. Delicious foods

In addition to checking out some of the best tacos to be found, your family can also enjoy unique ice cream bars at Paletería Michoacan. There are clever cakes and loaves of bread at a nearby panadería and unique pizza toppings at a Mexican pizzería. Beware of the heat on a pizza with frijoles and jalapeños, and don’t be grossed out by ketchup on pizza if you observe locals when you dine. Try Chinese food in a border town for a unique take on orange chicken.

Mexican insurance for driving

4. The relaxing, slow pace

From traffic to celebrations, the pace in Mexico can be soothing because of the laid-back approach to life. Take time to enjoy the little things.

Pro Tip: Authorities require Mexican insurance for driving to use the toll roads, so pick up a Mexican auto insurance policy before leaving!

5. Proximity

For those driving from border states, you can reach a border city in just a matter of hours, and in many cases, popular getaway spots are only an hour or two beyond the border. This saves you driving time and gas expenses. However, you must keep your coverage active for the duration of your trip. If your Mexican insurance lapses before you leave, you could face huge legal and financial costs in case of an accident. Even a non-moving accident could lead to a claim.

Mexican auto insurance policy from Mexican Insurance includes Roadside Assistance, bail bond, and legal at no additional charge for peace of mind on your vacation


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  • Rolland Ensor
    August 6, 2015 5:35 pm

    With Mexican insurance, you can take a great vacation in Mexico. Summer offers ideal time to have fun with Mexico’s cultural vibrant offerings. There are folk festivals you’ll surely enjoy.

  • Sharyn Ginsberg
    August 19, 2015 5:34 pm

    There’s water and more water every day. Many travelers go to Mexico’s world-class beaches for cool refreshing water. Before summer ends, spend a night or two among Mexico’s perfect summer destinations.

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