Five Facts About Finding The Right Car Insurance for Mexico

Car Insurance for Mexico
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Don’t Waste Time! 5 Facts About Finding The Right Car Insurance for Mexico.

Although Mexican culture is very relaxed compared to the busyness of the U.S., you may find that beating around the bush can be very frustrating, especially if it concerns travel necessities like car insurance for Mexico from

Therefore, our team recommends that you nail down these details right away as you plan your trip so that you don’t leave the country without reliable Mexican insurance for autos. The following facts may help you decide on the car insurance for Mexico for your vacation.

Coverage is required.

  1. Coverage is required – you may imagine getting by without a Mexican insurance for autos policy. However, it is illegal for foreigners to drive without proper coverage on highways.
  2. Authorities are not lenient on foreigners – many gringos have lived to tell of unpleasant experiences in Mexican jails or dealing with authorities because of issues like accidents, traffic infractions, and misunderstandings. So don’t make this mistake.

Mexican citizens have rights.

  1. Mexican citizens have rights – if you are responsible for an accident that results in the death of a citizen, you may be responsible for a financial benefit equivalent to 5,000 days’ wages. This varies from state to state, and many states’ benefits exceed $200,000 per fatality. Failure to carry a car insurance for Mexico policy with a high enough limit may leave you stranded.
  2. Your primary policy for your vehicle at home won’t cover your liabilities in Mexico – although a few U.S. providers do include limited border zone coverage for physical damages, such policies don’t meet the requirements for Mexican authorities and your liabilities in an accident.

Border zones may be tough to define.

  1. Additionally, border zones may be tough to define. This makes your potential for coverage being declined on personal damages likely if you have an over-the-border wreck. Mexican insurance for autos from allows you to select coverage for both personal damages and liabilities.
  2. Minimal coverage is enough – have you considered issues like auto theft, vandalism, and roadside emergencies? Do you want to travel with a cut-rate product or liability-only car insurance for Mexico policy that will leave you on your own in these instances?

Do Your Research with Mexican Insurance for autos from

You have choices as you prepare to travel, and you can get direct answers from our team. Our policies can be purchased at your convenience. Agents are always happy to assist if you need help deciding on the right product for your trip.

Car Insurance for Mexico from comes with additional benefits. For example, roadside assistance and repair in 3 countries, NOT just Mexico, is included.

Mexican Car Insurance; Interesting Facts About Mexico!



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  • Douglas Maysonet
    May 11, 2014 4:58 pm

    Experience safe and healthy trip to Mexico by buying the best insurance for yourself. Mexican auto insurance is fast and reliable for its service, you can easily get connected online or through helpline.

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