Exposing Fake Travel Stories About Mexico

Fake travel stories are everywhere.  It’s so prevalent that it’s hard to know what’s real.

Instagram influencer’s fake travel pics revealed when followers notice the exact same cloud pattern in all of her snaps

By Jim Foreman

Let’s say someone types “Travel Mexico” into their favorite search engine.  Go ahead, try it.  A slew of stories and articles will come up. Now, try to determine which ones are accurate and genuine information from people who travel there.  That’s the thing.  Most people who are writing these stories don’t actually go to Mexico. Most of these stories are imagined, made up, or fake.

Bored Panda recently featured another story about fake influencers.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret.  Most ‘journalism’ you read is complete caca-del-toro.  One person will write a story about a topic that wasn’t covered in a while.  Then, seemingly overnight, over a dozen stories will pop up. Curiously, they all echo the same original story in that particular writer’s own words.  Is it any more accurate?  Nope!

Faking it is the currency of the social media world, it’s even how influencers get their start. -Bored Panda

What’s crazy is now there are twelve stories about Mexico travel, all based on one account.  That original story writer hadn’t even been to Mexico.  They just happened to glom onto a local Mexican story on their social media feed.

The worst are the ones who fake their travel adventures. That Instagram influencer or Facebook wanderlust warrior isn’t what you think. They are probably clever people simply looking to make money. This is nothing new. Since the dawn of journalism, this practice has been ongoing.

Discover more about this young travel influencer in this story in the Sun.

The Argentinian travel blogger says she couldn’t understand why jokes and insults had been taken so far on social media Credit: tupisaravia/Instagram

You, however, see through this inadvertent deception and want to know what’s genuinely happening in Mexico from people who are there, boots on the ground.

We do too!

How can we combat all the false, inaccurate, ridiculous, and worthless information? Mexican Insurance Store commissioned a series of stories meant to de-bunk the mostly lousy and unreliable information out there.  Unlike most other sources, these stories and articles are real.

Explore for yourself accurate and straightforward information about traveling through Mexico. 

Go to our award-winning in-depth articles about travel in Mexico. Each story is written by a verified traveler and vetted by locals living in Mexico.

Discover the real deal about traveling by car, truck, RV, or motorcycle. When you need the best Mexican insurance for cars, you’ll find it here at Mexican Insurance Store.

Young girl capturing vacation memories of a beautiful golden sunrise by the beach at Riviera Maya in Cancun, Mexico, with her smartphone.
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