Expand Your Mexico Education South of the Border

You may not have the time or budget for a language school in an exotic Mexican location. However, you can allow a short trip to provide the time to practice language, study culture, or even engage in Mexican cooking lessons. Be sure to update your Mexican insurance for cars before you cross the border so you are traveling safely and legally. Your Mexico insurance online is a matter of both legal and financial responsibility. One thing you don’t want to study in Mexico is the inside of a jail cell.

Tijuana Cultural Center

Cooking instructions in Mexico

Cuisine-oriented travel has become popular throughout the country, making it possible to work in lessons in destinations near and far. Look for resorts that include gourmet cooking lessons in their available experiences. Research cooking-related experiences at specialty schools in your area of travel. You may want to look for opportunities in distant locations, but don’t forget cities that are close to the border. Rocky Point and Ensenada are each within an hour of the U.S. border, and both have cooking adventures to consider.

Pro Tip: Remember to pick up Mexico insurance online before taking off. No Mexican insurance for cars policy means it’s illegal to use the toll highways.

Practicing Spanish

Although formal instruction may provide an opportunity for intensive language learning, many people don’t have that kind of time to invest. However, immersion doesn’t have to be a long-term activity. You can go for a weekend visit to a smaller town that is just far enough from the border to get you away from those who speak English to engage tourists in commerce. Rather, shop at local markets so that you can practice your Spanish without having much opportunity to revert to English. You may not understand much at first. But with consistency, you can put the puzzle pieces together. In this way, you can expand your Spanish in context.

Mexican insurance for cars

Authorities Now Require Mexican insurance for cars!

The time to learn about your Mexico insurance online is before you go. This is so that you will understand your benefits and limitations. For example, it is important to note that Mexican insurance for cars is limited to properly licensed drivers over the age of 21. It is also important to know that theft is only covered by a full coverage policy. Be aware of your Mexico insurance online so that you don’t experience unpleasant surprises as you travel.

Mexican insurance for cars from MexicanInsuranceStore.com comes with Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico at no additional cost

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  • If you go to the border, you really need this insurance. Always be sure that each time you drive, you have the necessary Mexico auto insurance.

  • Mexico will hold you till the damages are paid if you are at fault, so getting affordable Mexico insurance coverage is really a necessity.

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