Ensenada – Carnaval Celebration and Beer Fest

Ensenada Mexico – Carnaval Celebration and Beer Fest

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Written by Jim Foreman

When most Americans and Canadians think about traveling to Mexico, destinations such as San Miguel de Allende, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and other popular places come to mind.

These are all great locations and worthy of a visit.

For people living in Southern California, a weekend visit to Ensenada is closer and much more accessible than a visit to nearby Las Vegas.  For most visitors, it’s also a lot more fun.

Ensenada is a seaside port city about 70 miles south of San Diego, CA. The city is surrounded by mountain ranges and features year-round perfect weather 350 days a year.

Ensenada is also the gateway to the world famous Baja California Wine Region which has been gaining renown in world wine markets. The Ruta del Vino begins minutes north of Ensenada.

Though Ensenada features a commercial airport offering flights several times a week, the most common method for travelers to visit Ensenada is by Cruise ship, twice a week and by driving their car.

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Several major events are happening in February and March in Ensenada that will bring a significant number of people to the city from all over Mexico and the world.

2017’s Queen of the Carnaval Yazmín Adriana Figueroa




The first event is the celebration of Carnaval. Carnaval, often called Mardi Gras, in the US, is the weeklong celebration of all things before the Catholic period of Lent.

For non-Catholics, Lent marks a period of 40 days where one gives up something they enjoy in a show of faith and repentance.

Carnaval in Ensenada is celebrated with parades, fireworks, concerts, meals, parties, and a festive atmosphere throughout the week with the crescendo happening on Friday through Tuesday. On Tuesday at 11:59 pm everything comes to an abrupt end.

Carnival is also celebrated throughout Mexico with sizable celebrations in Mazatlán, Cozumel, and Veracruz.

If you plan on going to Ensenada for Carnaval, this year, please book your hotel early as the entire city gets booked up quickly.

Ensenada Beerr Fest


Ensenada Beer Fest

The second major event in Ensenada is the Ensenada Beer Fest. Coinciding with St. Patrick’s Day Weekend, the city hosts one of the premier beer-related events in all of Mexico.

Over 100 cervezarias (breweries) from all over Mexico come to the beautiful museum grounds of the Teatro Cultural Riviera De Ensenada to celebrate the golden elixir.

The event takes place on Friday and Saturday with conferences held Wednesday and Thursday to discuss making beer.

This event draws a classy crowd of mid 20’s to late 40’s Mexicans with no ego or pretentious attitudes found in similar festivals in the US.

Again, Hotels book up pretty quickly so make your travel arrangements rapidly.

Events in Mexico rarely have a strong internet presence.  The best you’ll often do is get a Facebook event page.  Don’t be discouraged.  The events are going to be awesome and worth the trip.

Scenic Highway Mex 1 leading down to Ensenada

Getting to Ensenada is super easy by car. Simple cross the border at Tijuana or Tecate. From Tijuana, the Scenic Mex 1 is a spectacular seaside drive that matches some of the best parts of CA-1 at Big Sur in Central California.

Just remember to bring your passport and your Mexico Insurance policies with you on your trip.

Mexican Insurance Store Travel News and Information

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  • Deloris Guillen
    June 4, 2018 5:38 pm

    Typically, this festival attracts many people from the neighboring communities of Mexico. It also entices many visitors from outside the country.

  • Carnaval in Ensenada offers great festivities. You can enjoy delicious meals and watch festive parades and concerts.

  • In Mexico, almost all travel destinations and sports are worth it. You won’t feel disappointed. After that, you will know where to book your next travel in Mexico.

  • Doretta Ellingsworth
    July 16, 2020 6:07 pm

    It is pretty relaxing to experience a long scenic drive, particularly when friends and family members travel with you. GPS makes driving much easier.

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